Getting pregnant after breast reduction

Getting pregnant after breast reduction

26th Mar 2018

Breast reduction procedure can help the patient reduce the size and volume of the breasts to be more in line with the rest of her anatomy. The procedure can be performed on women who have overly large breasts and find it difficult to enjoy every day life to the fullest because of this. Breast reduction is recommended even for teenagers, with the condition to have fully developed breasts.

Unlike other plastic surgery interventions performed for mostly aesthetic reasons, the breast reduction surgery has a strong functionality reason behind it as well. This means that more often than not, patients want to undergo the procedure to be able to do things they couldn’t do before or alleviate a discomfort that has bothered them all their lives.

Women with overly large breasts often find it difficult to engage in sports or other physically demanding activities and can even suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain due to the volume of their breasts that are putting pressure on their chest. The procedure can improve the quality of life of the patient while also delivering a significant boost of self-esteem. However, it is important to mention that there are consequences after such a major procedure and the patient should be aware of them before scheduling their plastic surgery intervention.

Because the procedure is often performed on women who are young and even in their teen years, it is important to discuss pregnancy after breast reduction. This topic should be brought up either by you or the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation.

Like other plastic surgery procedures performed on the breasts, it is important to mention that an ulterior pregnancy can alter the results achieved with the intervention. During pregnancy, the breasts undergo many changes, and it is often the case that their appearance is different after pregnancy and breastfeeding than it was before. Many times the changes that occur during pregnancy create the need to undergo a plastic surgery procedure to enhance the breasts after breastfeeding. This is also the reason why most plastic surgeons will recommend you to avoid undergoing breast surgery until you know your family is complete and you are not planning another pregnancy.

So, what happens if you get pregnant after a breast reduction? Before anything else, the recommendation is to wait at least a year, preferably two years before getting pregnant after breast reduction. This will give the breasts an opportunity to heal after surgery before undergoing more changes. If a pregnancy occurs after breast reduction, your breasts might get bigger and even change their shape. Sagginess can also occur after pregnancy and breastfeeding or breast asymmetries. However, it is essential to know that chances are your breasts will not get as big as they used to before the procedure, even if the aesthetic results of the intervention will be affected.

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