Getting surprising results after butt implants surgery

Getting surprising results after butt implants surgery

21st Nov 2019


Butt implant surgery is a popular plastic surgery procedure. Patients resort to this procedure to get buttocks that are more proportionate to the rest of their anatomy. The procedure entails the use of silicone prostheses that are inserted into the tissues of the buttocks, namely inside or under the gluteal muscles. Butt implants are very different from the breast implants used nowadays as they serve different purposes and they are made to resemble the tissues surrounding the pocket they are inserted in.

Butt implant surgery delivers results that are durable over time. These implants never rupture or leak, and there is no need to remove or replace them, not unless complications occur or the patient is not satisfied with the results.

Achieving surprising results after butt implant surgery is often a result of a lack of proper communication with the plastic surgeon, the surgeon’s lack of experience, or the patient’s inability to choose the right type of implant.

During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will perform certain measurements aside from a medical examination on your body. The role of the consultation is to assess your candidacy and also help you choose the type and size of implants that are suitable for your particular anatomy. 

Implants are inserted into the buttocks in the upper part, where the gluteal muscles are. This means that after the implants are inserted, the buttocks will look bigger, but it is mainly the upper part that increases its projection. Going for implants that are too large for the patient’s anatomy can result in unnatural results, such as the buttocks looking like a frisbee. It is important for the plastic surgeon performing the procedure and giving the recommendations to have plenty of experience in this type of procedure as otherwise, the results can be surprising and disappointing. Moreover, the patient needs to understand that once she has selected a talented, experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, she needs to follow his recommendations to the letter. If the plastic surgeon suggests a certain volume for the implants, make sure to ask why in case you don’t agree. Keep in mind that the plastic surgeon’s role is to keep you safe during and after the procedure and deliver you with good results that are satisfactory by industry standards.

To avoid getting surprising results, it is also important to follow the post-operative instructions of the plastic surgeon to the letter. The recovery period is important for the success of the surgery. During this time the patient needs to wear compression garments and avoid sitting and sleeping on the buttocks at all costs. Otherwise, the pressure on the buttocks can cause the incisions to rupture or the implants to shift inside their pockets. Make sure to discuss the results to be expected with the surgeon before the surgery. 

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