Getting the best results after butt implant surgery

Getting the best results after butt implant surgery

08th Apr 2019


The results achieved with butt implant surgery are unapparelled when compared to other methods used for buttock augmentation, including fat transfer. Butt implants have a certain volume, and after being inserted, the butt gets an impressive projection and increase in size due to the position of the implant on the upper part of the butt, inside or under the gluteal muscles.


Buttock augmentation using gluteal implants is a fast method and also the only really effective method to get the buttocks of your dreams. The initial results and augmentation is visible immediately after the procedure; however, if you are interested in getting the best results after surgery, you should know that the patient’s conduct during the recovery period is essential.


Upon leaving the hospital, the patient will get a list of recommendations for the recovery period. These instructions are important to help the patient avoid severe complications and to facilitate a fast and smooth healing process. Getting the best results after surgery entails following the recommendations of the plastic surgeon to the letter.


Among the most important things you need to do to get the best results is to avoid any type of pressure to the buttocks. This means that lying or sleeping on the buttocks is to be avoided at all costs for at least three weeks post-op. During this time, the butt tissues will have time to heal and the incisions will close so there won’t be any issues when sitting on the butt after this period is over. Make sure to get a pillow and position it under the hamstrings when sitting down for three weeks post-op.


Another important recommendation is not to smoke for the same period of time. Smoking can cause delayed wound healing, skin necrosis, and other complications that would prolong the healing process unnecessarily. Make sure to cease smoking three weeks before surgery and keep being a non-smoker for the same period of time after surgery.


Wearing compression garments is another thing you should do when trying to get the best results after butt implant surgery. The compression panties are meant to offer support and compression to the butt and hence reduce the swelling and the other post-operative side effects to accelerate the healing process.


Last but not least, you should know that getting the best results after surgery is dependent on a combination of factors. The patient’s post-op behavior is just as important as choosing an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. A talented plastic surgeon who is well-versed in performing this procedure will help you get the results you desire by recommending the right type of implants and following a good surgical plan.


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