Getting to love your new post-op breasts

Getting to love your new post-op breasts

04th Jan 2020

Getting to love your new post-op breasts


Breast augmentation with implants is among the most desired plastic surgery procedures performed worldwide. Women from all over the globe resort to this procedure to correct underdeveloped breasts and to get rid of other imperfections and asymmetries. Breast implant surgery is safe and the implants have been FDA approved and of a high quality in the United States.

Getting larger breasts is a process that starts with the pre-operative consultation with the plastic surgeon and ends with the one year follow-up consultation. In between, there is a lot of work for both the patient and the plastic surgeon and also a certain amount of dedication to sustaining the results of the procedure and patience. We mention patience as it is something that many patients fail to understand. Getting to love your new post-op breasts might take a while. It is true that for some it can be love at first sight; however, it is important to be realistic about the results to be expected in the early phases of the recovery and understand that in a vast majority of cases, your newly larger breasts don’t look ideal immediately after the procedure.

It is normal for the breasts to be swollen and bruised after the surgery. These side effects can take up to a few weeks or even months to completely subside, but often they don’t require additional treatment. Also, keep in mind that if the breast augmentation was performed with implants, it takes some time for them to drop and settle in their pockets. Until this happens, the appearance of your chest might not be spectacular. Some patients complain about the bodybuilder appearance of their chest after getting implants. It is important to understand it is just a temporary phase and your breasts will look different after a few months. 

To make the recovery process faster and smoother, the plastic surgeon will give you a set of instructions and also recommend some tools such as a belt to be worn over the breasts to help them descend faster.

Getting to love your new post-op breasts might not happen overnight, but it is important to understand that things will happen within a timeframe and to discuss exactly what and when to expect. This will give you some peace of mind and reduce the stress that can be associated with the recovery period after a plastic surgery procedure so complex as breast augmentation with implants. 

Keeping a positive attitude and being patient is essential in the early days of the recovery. Also, keep in mind that the cicatrization process for the wounds can take up to one year to fully mature and heal and this means that meanwhile, the incisions might not have a very pleasant look. Your plastic surgeon will tell you exactly what to expect in terms of the cicatrization process, and if things are developing according to the discussion with the surgeon, there is nothing to be worried about. 

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