Getting used to having butt implants

Getting used to having butt implants

25th Sep 2019


When thinking about getting butt implants to enhance the appearance of their rear ends, most patients wonder if they will ever be able to get used to having butt implants. When the procedure is performed, it entails incisions made often in the intragluteal fold that is used to create a pocket either inside or under the gluteal muscles where the butt implants are inserted. After the implants are inside the pocket, the plastic surgeon will suture the incisions and place dressings on the wound. The patient is moved to the recovery room where she will stay for a few hours, then a return home is possible. 

During and after the surgery, the patient has to be on her tummy so there is no pressure on the buttocks. But upon the departure from the medical facility, the patient will have to get off the bed and even take a few steps until reaching her bed at home. Immediately after the procedure, the patient will still be under the effects of the anesthesia and analgesic medication, so there will be no intense pain or discomfort to be experienced; however, a certain tightness and numbness can be felt on the buttocks where the implants have been inserted. This is normal, and these sensations can last for a few weeks, as well as the swelling and bruising that will naturally occur in the area as the body’s response to the surgical trauma. 

During the first few weeks after the procedure, the patient is not allowed to sit on the buttocks or lie on the back as not to rupture the incisions or cause a shifting of the implant due to the pressure applied on the area. 

Some patients tend to believe that getting used to the implants will occur sooner if they start sitting or lying on their butt sooner. This is not true and can actually cause pain and trigger complications that could otherwise be avoided, so make sure not to do this. However, what will actually help you get used to having butt implants sooner is walking. Walking for a few minutes every couple of hours is essential for patients who had butt augmentation surgery. Over the first few days post-op, the duration of these walks should increase gradually, and you will notice how day after day you are getting more and more used to the feeling of your buttocks with implants inside.

However, it is unrealistic to believe that over the course of the first few days post-op you will get used to having butt implants. It can take weeks or months for this to happen and it is important for the patient to have a positive attitude and patience. Keep in mind that the pain that can be experienced after butt augmentation surgery should be easy to alleviate with analgesic medication and following the recommendation of the plastic surgeon. An absence of pain will help you move faster and more used to having butt implants sooner.  

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