Gluteal implants versus fat transfer to the buttocks

Gluteal implants versus fat transfer to the buttocks

03rd May 2018

There is really nothing wrong with desiring a more curvaceous body by making the buttocks larger or rounder. Both men and women can undergo plastic surgery to improve their buttocks. Two of the most common surgeries for the butt are the gluteal implant surgery and fat transfer procedure.

The gluteal implant surgery makes use of solid silicone implants to augment the butt while the fat transfer procedure makes use of the fat harvested from the patient. Either can be used to help achieve the dream buttocks.

Those who have enough fat in their body can go for the fat transfer method, which is very safe, less invasive and causes fewer scars. On the other hand, those who do not have enough fat in their body or those who want a more prominent change in their buttocks can opt for the gluteal implants.

Another kind of procedure, liquid silicone injections, is also available, but it is not advised because its safety is questionable. It would be best to choose between fat transfer and gluteal implants for your buttock augmentation.

Plastic Surgery For Buttocks

Plastic surgery provides a way to enhance various areas of the body. The buttocks are one of the most common parts of the body that women would want to improve. Through plastic surgery, it is possible to augment the buttocks into the size and shape that is ideal for the patient. Both the gluteal implants surgery or the fat transfer procedure can be used on the buttocks.

Gluteal Implants

Gluteal implants have been used to help augment the size as well as to shape the buttocks into a more desirable and sexier appearance. The gluteal implants are made of a solid silicone material that is also very soft. Buttock implants vary in shape, filling and types of surfaces. The gluteal implants can be used to augment the upper or mid portion of the buttocks so that patients wouldn’t be sitting on the implants when the surgery is done.

A bilateral incision will be made, and the implants would be inserted into a pocket under the muscle layer. The layer of muscle and fat over the implants helps keep the implants in place and it also helps prevent the implants from being noticeable.

After the surgery, patients will be required to wear support garments in order to help the buttocks stay in shape and heal properly. The support garments will help ensure that the skin re-drapes properly over the newly augmented buttocks. Some swelling after the surgery is normal and it will eventually subside after a few months. It is also possible that the implants may seem to be too high but the implants will eventually settle down to its proper position after a few months of healing.

Fat Transfer

Another way to augment the buttocks is through fat transfer, which is also known as the Brazilian butt lift. In this procedure, fat will be first harvested from other areas of the body such as the love handles, tummy, arms or thighs. The fat that is removed from the body is purified before it is injected back into the buttocks. Usually, the buttocks receive an average of 300 ccl of pure fat on each cheek. After the procedure, the buttocks will usually swell and some sort of bruising can be seen. This will eventually heal in a couple of week’s time. After a few months, when the swelling is all gone, the true effect of the fat transfer will be visible. Similar to gluteal implant augmentation, a support garment will be used to help the buttocks heal properly.

Gluteal Implants VS Fat Transfer

Those who want to augment their buttocks can choose between these two methods. Although one may prefer the other, the procedure that can be done will still depend on the kind of body that the patient has. Those who have enough fat in their body, they can benefit much from the fat transfer method because not only will they have bigger buttocks, they will also have a slimmer waist, arm or thigh. It is also less invasive and the scars from the procedure will be very minimal. It is also very safe because the body won’t reject the fat inserted into the buttocks because it also came from the same body.

Gluteal implant is the option for those who do not have enough fat in their body or for those who can’t achieve the desired shape and size through fat transfer alone. Although it involves an incision that will eventually heal into a scar, the scar will be well hidden. The result of this surgery is also more permanent than the fat transfer because the implants will not be reabsorbed by the body, unlike the fats. The fat transfer method may also not be enough for some who would want a larger and more prominent size buttocks. The good thing about implants is that they come in different sizes that can satisfy the size requirements of those who want to augment their buttocks.

Other Buttock Injections

Aside from the two procedures above, there are also some who offer buttock injections with the use of other fillers such as liquid silicone. This procedure is very dangerous because the liquid silicone can travel to other areas of the body. Those who have it are also more prone to infection and inflammation. It is also very difficult and impossible to remove so this kind of butt augmentation procedure is not recommended. The two are safer alternatives as compared to buttock injection.


There are several plastic surgery procedures that can help with the augmentation of buttocks such as the gluteal implants and fat transfer. Selecting which of the two procedures to have would depend on the current state of the body. The fat transfer is a perfect procedure for those with adequate fat and would want less scarring or a less invasive procedure. On the other hand, the gluteal implants would be a great choice for those who don’t have enough fat and those who want a bigger and more permanent result.

Aside from the two procedures, some may also offer silicone injections to the buttocks. This method is very dangerous because the safety of the procedure is questionable. Surgeons will advise you not to consider this kind of procedure for your own safety. The two other procedures are safer and they also bring more desirable results.


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