Gluteal triangle

Gluteal triangle

27th Sep 2016


Today we are going to discuss the sacral triangle. The sacrum is a bone in the lower part of the back. This bone lies on top between the buttocks and defines the beautiful behind.

When the Brazilian buttock augmentation is performed, attention needs to be paid not only to the shape of the buttocks and the projection, but to recreating the sacral triangle. If liposuction is not performed in this area, the lower back looks like a hump. Once liposuction is performed on the lower back, fat is injected into the buttocks for projection and shape and more liposuction is performed to sculpt the buttocks. Then additional liposuction is performed on the tops of the buttocks and the sacral triangle.

When liposuction is performed on the sacral triangle, the lower buttocks get better defined and look extremely beautiful and sexy. Liposuction in this area typically needs to be done very aggressively. There is a lot of fat from the superficial and deep fat pockets of the lumbar area.

Postoperatively, compression needs to be done accurately to collapse the sacral triangle and allow this area to heal properly. I typically recommend a lower backboard with a butt out girdle as well as a lower back drain to remove any excess fluid that might cause inflammation and poor healing.

The sacral triangle is crucial to define nice buttocks; when you wear a bikini or thong, this area is well demarcated, creating harmony between the lower back and the beginning of the buttocks.

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