Gluteoplasty – an overview

Gluteoplasty – an overview

20th Dec 2018

Since 2000, people have started to become more and more interested in improving the aesthetics of the buttocks and making the butt in harmony with the rest of the body. Breast augmentations were already on the rise at that time, so it only made sense to get implants for the buttocks as well.

If in the beginning gluteoplasty entailed complications due to the type of implants as well as the techniques used, the surgical plan for the procedure has improved considerably over the years and gluteal implants are now of the highest quality ever. The implants are now made out of a highly cohesive silicone gel encased into a layered capsule. The surgical approaches have also become less and less invasive and now allow for a level of satisfaction that can, in some cases, be higher than the one achieved after a breast augmentation.

Some people tend to believe that before the sexual revolution of the last few decades, the buttocks were not a priority for patients interested in plastic surgery as clothing would cover or correct the defects. But the reality is that big, round and voluptuous buttocks have always been a fascination and dream for men and women alike. The South American buttock model has taken priority over the classic Caucasian buttock style. Nowadays we even have plastic surgery procedures named after countries renowned for the fascination with the buttocks, such as the Brazilian butt lift.

Nowadays having buttocks in harmony with the rest of the body and void of imperfections is a must not only for people in the entertainment industry but also those coming from different social backgrounds. The main reasons for requesting a gluteoplasty are:

–   Buttocks that are flat

–   Small buttocks

–   Buttocks too wide and big

–   Buttocks too narrow

–   Saggy buttocks

–   Asymmetrical buttocks

To reduce the volume of the buttocks or to eliminate unwanted fat deposits on your rear end, your plastic surgeon will probably recommend liposuction. To be eligible for liposuction in any area of the body, the patient needs to have good skin tonus that will be able to retract on the new contours of the area after liposuction.

To increase the size of the buttocks in terms of volume and create a round shape, we can use the fat transfer to the buttocks as well as gluteal implants. Using butt implants to achieve the desired augmentation is a procedure preferred by many patients as it provides results that are stable and long-lasting. The results of the fat transfer to the buttocks will be affected by ulterior weight loss or weight gain, so to sustain the outcomes the patient should keep a constant weight and avoid weight fluctuations that are over 2 kg per month.

Gluteoplasty with implants usually lasts no longer than half an hour to an hour and a half and is performed on an outpatient basis.


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