Gummy bear implants

18th Oct 2018

Sizes and shapes of gummy bear implants

The gummy bear implant is a new type of breast implant that has hit the height of popularity within a short time period. While the implants were developed long ago, the FDA approved them for general use in the US only in March 2012.
Gummy bear implants come in different shapes and sizes, which means you have wide-ranging options to choose from. These breast implants are designed to retain their shape and deliver natural breast contour.
The Natrelle 410 implants are the most famous among the gummy bear implants. In fact, the Natrelle 410 set the foundation for the development of gummy bear breast implants. All other gummy bear breast implants are developed on the principles of the Natrelle 410 implants.
The gummy bear implant is available in many different shapes. The shapes are categorized on the basis of the height, projection, and width of the implants. When it comes to the size of the gummy bear implants, you can choose in the range of 125 cc to 670 cc.
Gummy bear implants are available in 4 varying projections and 3 varying heights. They are available in low, moderate, full, and extra projections. In terms of height, the options are low, medium, and full.
The first gummy bear implant was launched in full height and moderate projection, which was followed by the launch of the medium height and moderate projection implant. There are more size and shape combinations available in gummy bear implants; however, the full height and moderate projection and medium height and moderate projection are the most popular options.
Even though gummy bear implants are constructed to complement the natural qualities and aesthetics of your body, the wide range of size and shape options allows the surgeon to find a suitable implant for your body easily.
However, unlike silicone and saline implants that are often shaped by the breasts, your breasts will not shape the gummy bear implants. Instead, the implants will shape the breasts.
As such, you must collaborate with the plastic surgeon to carefully and judiciously select a specific size and shape of the implant. The shape and size of the gummy bear implant must complement your overall body outline and be accommodated in your breast dimensions.

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