Gummy bear implants for breast augmentation.

04th Oct 2018

Gummy bear implants have drastically improved breast augmentation. The highly cohesive silicone gel inside the shell gives the breasts a more natural appearance than saline implants. Gummy bear implants feature shape memory, meaning they can retract back to their original shape in case of any movement; hence decreasing the risk of implant rippling or folding.
Gummy bear implants are highly resistant to ruptures and leaks. They retain their integrity and shape in the face of undue pressure. Moreover, the cohesive silicone gel remains distributed inside the shell as it was originally designed. This makes the implant highly stable, with sufficient support and good shape.
The risk of capsular contracture is lower in gummy bear implants. The best thing about this implant is that the cohesive gel lets the surgeon easily create an aesthetically appealing breast shape with it. Furthermore, the process needed to use the gummy bear implant for breast augmentation has led to more innovations and progress in breast augmentation.
For example, choosing the ideal gummy bear breast implant size and shape is extremely important because the stable form feature of the implant means it cannot be molded according to the shape of the breasts. Instead, the implants will shape the breast. It is for this reason that the right size and shape of the gummy bear implant should be selected.
In order to achieve better aesthetic results with gummy bear implants, it is important for the surgeon to create an implant pocket that perfectly accommodates the implant. A large implant pocket increases the risk of implant rotation, whereas a smaller pocket may not allow the implant to sit properly. It is important, therefore, to choose your surgeon carefully.
The slight firmness of the gummy bear implants makes it the favorite of many patients and surgeons. This quality is critical to making the implants function for the purpose they are intended for. Softer implants lose their shape and stability rather quickly, which change the shape of the breasts.
Gummy bear implants are not too hard or firm. They are designed to look and feel natural when inside the breasts. However, there are also softer versions of gummy bear implants available in the market.
For example, the Mentor CPG and the Sientra breast implants are somehow softer than the most popular Style 410 gummy bear implant from Allergan. The fact is that the Style 410 is ideally designed and features a good ratio of softness and firmness that can give your breasts natural shape.

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