Gummy Bears Implants for breast augmentation

18th Oct 2018

When it comes to breast implants, you will come across several brands. Under the gummy bear implants, the two popular brands are Allergan and Mentor. The brand of implants is not as significant as the shape, profile, and size of the implant, yet many patients often ask which brand is better.
During the consultation with your plastic surgeon, you can ask the brand of gummy bear implant he may recommend you. The Allergan implant comes in a teardrop shape. It is made of cohesive silicone gel that delivers highly sustainable and safer outcomes. Within the Allergan implant, there are twelve different shapes. Make sure to ask your surgeon what shape he recommends you and why.

Most plastic surgeons recommend the Allergan Natrelle 410 style implant. This implant is best for patients who have a long chest wall. It will also be suitable for you if your nipples sit low and tightly on the lower pole. The gel inside the Allergan 410 implant is relatively firmer, which means it will support the expansion of the lower pole of your breasts more effectively and help position the nipple in the center. This will provide an enhanced aesthetic appearance.

On the other hand, the Mentor breast implant is also teardrop shaped. It is made of cohesive silicone gel that also delivers sustainable outcomes. It is absolutely safe to use this implant, just like the Allergan implant. The Mentor implants are available in 5 different shapes.
MemoryShape is a popular Mentor breast implant shape. If you have longer chest wall, a short space between your nipple and the breast crease, or a wide space between both breasts, MemoryShape is good for you. It can also effectively enhance the aesthetics of your breasts if your breast tissue is low sitting, your breast shape is poor or unnatural, or your nipples are asymmetrical.

The plastic surgeon can custom-tailor the procedure to further boost the aesthetics of the breasts with the Mentor MemoryShape teardrop implants. Moreover, the implants can be tailored to your aesthetic desires. As a result of these features, the implant will provide you a closer cleavage and generous side breasts. These results of Mentor implants are more natural than other breast implants.

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