Hard lumps post liposuction

Hard lumps post liposuction

25th Aug 2017

Liposuction is a procedure that removes the fat in different areas of the body through a cannula. It is meant to re-shape the body into a curvier one. This procedure involves the removal of fat, and then letting the skin wrap over the muscles to form a better shape.

The procedure only lasts a few hours depending on the areas that will be suctioned. Patients can be discharged between 12 hours to a day after the procedure. After which, recovery can be spent at home.

Normally, patients who went through the liposuction procedure will experience swelling in the areas treated. This is because of the loss of fat. Due to the absence of fat, fluid will fill up the spaces where the fat was harvested until it is reabsorbed by the body. Sometimes, hard lumps can be felt after the procedure, which is caused by fluid or hematomas. These hard lumps disappear in a few week’s time as the body reabsorbs the fluid.

Wearing compression garments may lessen the appearance of lumps and bumps. These also help minimize swelling.

Lumps and bumps normally appear after a liposuction procedure. One way to help in removing the lumps is by massaging the area regularly. However, the massaging of the lumps should only be done a month after the liposuction procedure. Your surgeon may teach you how to properly massage your surgical area. Exercise is also another way to help the swelling subside and for the lumps to disappear.

If the lumps and bumps do not disappear after a few months, it may be due to another cause, such as fat necrosis in the area. Like the fluid collections, fat necrosis will also disappear in time if they are small in size. It may also be helpful to do some massage over this area.

If ample time has lapsed for the body to heal and the lumps still do not disappear, you can have them drained by your surgeon. This rarely happens, but it can still occur. Once the lumps are drained, it will shrink and then eventually disappear.

Although it is normal to see lumps and bumps after the procedure, it is still best for patients to see their surgeon once they appear. Your surgeon would be able to see if the lumps and bumps are normal, and they can prescribe ways to make the lumps and bumps disappear faster.

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