Hardening and tightening of the buttocks after getting implants

Hardening and tightening of the buttocks after getting implants

28th Aug 2019


The butt is an important feature for both men and women. Nowadays there is this fascination with large buttocks which has translated into an increase in demand for plastic surgery procedures performed to increase the size of the buttocks. Butt implant surgery, as well as fat transfer to the buttocks, are commonly performed nowadays and with high success rates when the procedure is played out by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. Butt augmentation with implants is more popular than fat grafting because it allows for a considerable augmentation in one operation and can be performed even on patients who don’t have adipose tissue in other areas of the body. 

Choosing the type of implants to be used during the procedure is one of the most important decisions that the patient has to make in the process of getting bigger buttocks. The size and shape of the gluteal implants will influence not only the final aesthetic results but also the well-being of the patient through the ability to avoid complications that can occur after the procedure.

While butt implants are safe when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon in an accredited medical facility, the procedure is not completely devoid of risks and potential complications.

When considering butt implants, you should know that it is not only the appearance of the buttocks that will change, but also how it feels. Immediately after the procedure, the butt will be swollen and bruised. A feeling of tension in the tissues as well as pain are natural occurrences and can easily be alleviated with the help of pain medication prescribed by the plastic surgeon. In the first few weeks after the surgery, the patient might feel that the buttocks are hard and there is a certain tightness in the area. Keep in mind that this is normal and nothing to worry about as it can take up to three months for the side effects to completely subside. The consistency of the buttocks will change after getting implants and the butt will feel harder, like toned muscles.

The hardening and tightening of the buttocks after getting implants can also occur later on after the procedure. This can happen due to a complication called capsular contracture that determines the fibrous tissue surrounding the implant to get tighter and constrict the implant. This can cause pain or an abnormal appearance of the buttocks in severe cases. Make sure to contact your plastic surgeon if you notice hardening and tightening of the buttocks long after getting implants. Generally speaking, there is a low risk of developing such a complication.

To make sure you achieve the best results possible and unwanted complications are avoided, choose a board-certified plastic surgeon. 


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