Heart shaped buttocks after a BBL

Heart shaped buttocks after a BBL

14th Dec 2020

Enhancing the shape and size of the buttocks with the help of plastic surgery is very popular nowadays. Both celebrities and everyday people now choose to resort to plastic surgery to get the buttocks of their dreams. The procedures offered nowadays are safe and efficient, delivering impressive, long-term results that are now also quite affordable, compared to how plastic surgery was a decade or more ago.

The first step to take when looking for help from plastic surgery to improve the buttocks is to schedule a meeting with the plastic surgeon. It is during this meeting that you will get to discuss all the details of the procedure with the plastic surgeon, but also to find out exactly what is the right procedure for you. In many cases, we have patients coming to the office with a very fixed idea in their heads, like to get a BBL or butt implants. After the consultation, it turns out they actually need a different procedure if they want to achieve their aesthetic goals.

Butt implant surgery is a popular method for patients with no excess of adipose tissue on other areas of the body, such as thin patients, athletes, and also patients who want a considerable increase in the projection of the buttocks. When butt implant surgery is performed, the surgeon makes incisions in the intragluteal fold and makes pockets inside the gluteal muscles where the implants are inserted. This means that the only area addressed during butt implant surgery is the upper part of the buttocks. If the patient has an otherwise nice shape of the buttocks, butt implant surgery will be enough. However, there are patients who want to correct the shape of the buttocks too, not only the size.

The heart shape of the buttocks is a popular choice for patients. When having this shape, the buttocks look more appealing, and the curves of the body are alluring and sexy. But how can heart-shaped buttocks be achieved? For this, the plastic surgeon might recommend a combination of procedures or just a Brazilian butt lift. 

Achieving heart-shaped buttocks after a BBL is not impossible. The plastic surgeon will perform liposuction on the flanks and sometimes the lower part of the back to eliminate unwanted fat deposits on the upper part of the buttocks. This will help define the buttocks even more. The thighs might also be addressed with liposuction if there is an excess of adipose tissue there as well. After liposuction is performed, the surgeon will process the fat and use it to reinject it into the buttocks. This will result into a heart-shaped butt, but the plastic surgeon must also be experienced and talented with a keen eye for detail. Moreover, the patient also needs to be very careful during the recovery period to ensure the fat cells transferred will survive the first two months.

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