Highlights of post-operative recovery after breast enhancement surgery

Highlights of post-operative recovery after breast enhancement surgery

31st Mar 2019

Highlights of post-operative recovery after breast enhancement surgery


The recovery after breast enhancement surgery will be one of the topics discussed even from the early stages of getting breast implants, namely during the pre-operative consultation with the plastic surgeon. Generally speaking, the instructions you will get from the plastic surgeon are about getting plenty of rest and avoiding significant arm movements in the first few days post-op. Any activities that involve the lifting of heavy objects from the ground or bending the body forward should be avoided as pain might be triggered and the healing delayed.


Here are the highlights of the recovery period after breast implant surgery:


–    Pain medication and antibiotics

To avoid feeling intense discomfort or infection after the procedure, the plastic surgeon will prescribe medication to alleviate the pain and antibiotics to prevent infections. Make sure to take the medication as instructed by the plastic surgeon.


–    Compression garments

The supportive bra that is recommended to be worn non-stop for a few weeks after breast enhancement surgery can be a special post-op bra that you can buy in specialized shops or just a good quality sports bra. It reduces the post-op swelling and gives the breasts the right amount of support and compression to promote fast and smooth healing. The compressive bra should be worn non-stop for a few weeks and only during the day for up to three months or more, depending on the recommendations of the plastic surgeon.


–    Sleeping on the back

Sleeping on the tummy is not an option after breast enhancement surgery, and even sleeping on the sides should be avoided in some cases. This means that you should get used to sleeping on your back. To avoid the discomfort of getting off the bed during the first few days post-op, you can have more pillows placed under the upper part of the body to get a 30% elevation. This will make things easier.


–    Eating and drinking

Some patients tend to forget to eat after the surgery as they don’t feel hungry. This is not a good idea. You should resume eating after you return home. Make sure to start gradually, step by step with a bowl of soup and then more. Constipation can often occur after surgery, so make sure to drink plenty of fluids and have a diet rich in fibers. Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages and alcohol as they might cause dehydration and prolong the recovery period. A diet consisting of lean meats, cheese, eggs, fresh fruits, and vegetables will help you have a smooth and short recovery period and give your body the necessary nutrients for healing after the surgical trauma.


The recovery period after breast enhancement surgery is not overly complicated for patients undergoing the procedure. Make sure to report to the plastic surgeon if you notice any side effects that were not discussed before the procedure was performed.

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