Hip augmentation with fat transfer

18th Oct 2018

I commonly perform the hourglass hip procedure to help the patient achieve the hourglass shape. In this video we will discuss three reasons why you need it.
1. You have narrow hips that are affecting your overall body outline in negative ways
If you have narrow hips, it will affect your overall body outline and profile in negative ways. The modern standards of physical beauty require women to have wider hips, narrow waist, and perky breasts. There are a few lucky women in thousands of women who get wider hips naturally. The rest have to rely on outside interventions like plastic surgery to achieve the hourglass shape.
The hourglass hip procedure can make your hips look wider from both the front and back view. However, you need to have excess fat in your body to qualify for the hourglass hip procedure. The surgery involves the use of your own body fat to make your hips wider. After the surgery, your hips will appear wider, which will in turn enhance your overall body profile and aesthetic appearance.
2. You desire to look aesthetically appealing and enhance your self-esteem
There are many women who desire to appear aesthetically appealing. There are many of those who experience lower self-esteem due to narrow hips, smaller or flatter butts, and bulky abdomen. If you have these features, you may think it is making you look aesthetically unpleasant. Due to this perception, you may lose your self-confidence and avoid engaging socially. There are many patients who abandon healthy, outdoor activities just because of the aesthetic flaws in their physical appearance.
The good news is that with the hourglass hip procedure, you will not only achieve the most revered hourglass body but also get a boost in your self-esteem and quality of life. During the surgery, the excess fat will be removed from your abdomen, sides, flanks, and other localized areas of the body through liposuction and carefully grafted into your hips. Over the next few months, your body will gradually evolve into the hourglass shape.

3. You want to appear more feminine and fertile
The hourglass is the most desired body shape among modern women. Besides making you aesthetically appealing, the hourglass hip procedure can make you look more feminine and fertile.
There have been a number of studies that have revealed that men prefer to mate with women who have wider hips and narrow waist because they think they are more feminine and fertile. Also, women with wider hips are better able to withstand pregnancy and childbirth. This is yet another reason why men consider wider hips as a sign of fertility and femininity.

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