Hip enlargements

Hip enlargements

26th Nov 2015

“Body contouring” is the term used for aesthetic body reshaping surgery.It is usually a combination of liposuction (to reduce areas of fat excess) and fat grafting (to enlarge areas that are flat, depressed, or too small). Reducing the fat above and below the hips can visually make the hips larger.Adding fat to the hips by fat transfer will make them larger still.Be sure to seek a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who hasexperience in body contouring. The best methods to increase size of the hips arethrough fat grafts via injection or adipocutaneous rotation of flaps performed at the time of dermolipectomy (buttock and thigh lift) procedures.

Fat grafting is used in the Brazilian butt lift, but can also be performed to increase the size of one’s hips, though the augmentation achieved by this method is limited, as there is less soft tissue in that area to graft the fat into. The best option involves liposuction of fat from various areas and fat transfer to your hips. For further clarifications, consult Dr. Wilberto Cortés or log on to

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