Why are the holidays a good time to have plastic surgery?

Why are the holidays a good time to have plastic surgery?

21st Jun 2017

There are many things you have to consider to ensure a successful plastic surgery that will deliver optimal results for you. One of the important elements is deciding the best and most ideal time to have plastic surgery. The holiday season is a good time to undergo plastic surgery for a number of reasons.

Holidays offer you plenty of time to heal and recovery properly. Plastic surgeons normally suggest having plastic surgery during the late fall or winter, because there are enough holidays coming up to give you the rest and recovery time you will need. It goes without saying that the more time for rest during the recovery period, the better and quicker the healing process. In addition, you will not need to take additional leave from your work during the holiday season.

During fall or winter, you spend more time indoors. The cool weather and long holidays will allow you to recover properly, thus reducing risks of complications. December is particularly considered the best season to go under the knife, because you get more days off from work and can concentrate on your recovery. You will also have other people around to take care of you during your recovery.

It is important to note that while you can undergo plastic surgery any time of the year, the healing will take more time and the risks will be higher because higher temperatures, especially during the summer season, can trigger complications like excessive swelling and infections. The winter temperature is ideal for plastic surgery, because you will face lesser risks of complications. Winter is down time with lesser outdoor activities and staying indoors and avoiding exposure to direct sunlight will help facilitate healing and preclude potentially serious complications. Since it is also cold, you are covered up in cold weather wear, which can easily conceal scars, swelling and bruising from surgery. The obvious and sudden change in your figure can be perfectly concealed under the winter clothes like sweaters and jackets, which will allow you enough time to slowly unveil your new body, without anybody being wiser.

Another advantage of having your plastic surgery performed during the holidays is that by the time New Year rolls in, you have the enhanced body to flaunt during the year-end parties and celebration. It also gives you enough time to prepare your “beach body” for summer.

In case you plan to attend holiday parties a week or two after the plastic surgery, please do not forget that you need to strictly follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions. Do not drink alcohol or smoke, because they can negatively affect your health, specifically during the recovery period.

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