Hourglass body plastic surgery: between reality and myth

Hourglass body plastic surgery: between reality and myth

03rd Feb 2017

[vc_single_image image=”4386″ img_size=”large”] Individuals have many misinterpretations and misrepresented perceptions about plastic surgery. There are a lot of myths encompassing plastic surgery, particularly hourglass plastic surgery.

Understand that hourglass plastic surgery is a progression of surgical methods that has its own risks and dangers as well as manifold benefits for the patient. Potential patients should have practical and realistic desires with regards to the hourglass plastic surgery. While we do highlight the impact of hourglass plastic surgery on the patient’s self-image and self-esteem, we are basically discussing surgery, and that said, medicine is a complex science.

Why choose the hourglass shape?

The overall impact of the body is not just based on its weight. It is great to have a slender silhouette with no extra weight and a well-conditioned skin without any flaws, but this is not what characterizes the shape of your body. By now, you have presumably seen that regardless of how many kilograms you lose or pick up, there are parts of your body that dependably stays bigger. This is because your bone structure and body mass (muscles and fat) dictate the shape of your body.

There are several different types of body shapes because every woman is unique in her own way yet beauty gurus have reduced the typologies of the female body into four primary classifications: hourglass, rectangle, apple, and pear.

To accurately identify the shape of your body, you should measure your shoulders, bust, abdomen, pelvis, and hips. If the width of the shoulders and hips are more or less equal with no more than a 3-4 cm difference, and the size of the waist is smaller, than you will be happy to know that you have an hourglass body shape.

Normally, if you have an hourglass body shape, the bend of the midriff will be easily visible to the naked eye, as it will be a focal point. If you can distinguish your midriff straight away when you look in the mirror, you may have an hourglass shape. The hourglass body shape is every woman’s dream body. Latest studies show that only 8% of the women are born with this shape. From Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor, to Beyoncé and Scarlett Johansson, as well as the lucky Kim Kardashian, these curvaceous ladies have captivated each and every one of us.

What is the Hourglass figure all about?

The hourglass shape has long been viewed as the ideal shape for women. For the longest time, the emphasis has been on getting the right breast measurements to fashion that hot and exotic look women desire.

With the rise of popular celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea, round and full buttocks became the center of attention. Every single one of these great Hollywood divas has inspired this global rush and desire to get this astounding hourglass body.

It is very hard to get a well-proportioned and sexy shape when no plastic surgery is included. This is the reason we built up the Hourglass Body Procedure and Hourglass Buttock Procedure. The Hourglass Body Procedure consists of various plastic surgeries: the hourglass tummy tuck, hourglass butt enlargement with fat, hourglass butt implant, hourglass lipo, and the hourglass hip technique. All or a couple of them can be done to create the hourglass body shape, depending on the patient’s individual attributes and particular needs. The Hourglass Buttock Procedure includes the Brazilian Butt lift, butt implants, and excisional butt lift.

Numerous years of experience and a sharp eye for details have gone into building up these plastic surgery technique bundles. For some women, liposuction alone won’t be sufficient to reshape the body, as the posterior may need more volume, or there may be other abnormalities and imperfections that halts the completion of an hourglass body we are all longing for.

Myth number 1: Hourglass plastic surgery is exceptionally costly

Given modern advances in the field of plastic surgery, every one of the methods including the hourglass plastic surgery bundle are amazingly affordable for the patient, as well as open towards financing. A large portion of the hourglass corrective surgery methodology does not even require the patient to stay for over 24 hours in the facility so it considerably cuts down on hospitalization costs.

Until about a couple of years prior, plastic surgery was an extravagance only available to the rich and famous. These days, the hourglass body plastic surgery techniques are easily accessible to a broad spectrum of women coming from different backgrounds, financial status and social classes.

It is likewise important to break down the cost of the surgical mediations and weigh it against the numerous advantages of the methods. A number of patients have given their testimonials on how the surgeries that helped them attain an hourglass figure, have boosted their confidence, increased their self-esteem and have positive impacts on their personal, social and professional lives.

Myth number 2: Hourglass body plastic surgery methods are only for ladies

There is fierce competition present in any field these days.  There is this pervading obsession with looks that has affected professional and personal lives. This is probably the reason why there are an increasing number of men asking for our hourglass body plastic surgery methods. The procedures that caught the interest of male patients are liposuction, butt implants, and Brazilian butt lifts. The objective for men is obviously not an hourglass body but it appears that they have recognized the beneficial effects of butt-improving methods that have been performed and enhanced through numerous years of practical experience.

Myth number 3: Hourglass body surgery procedures leave a huge number of very visible scars

With all the modern advances and innovations in medicine, numerous methodologies needed in the hourglass body surgery, can now be done with expanded accuracy and the tiniest incisions, rendering barely discernible post surgical scars. Truth to tell, some of the hourglass body strategies don’t even leave scars. Liposuction leaves just a negligible imprint where the cannula was inserted. Since these are different types of surgeries, the entry points are incised in parts of the body where the scar is hard to see with the naked eye.

Myth number 4: Surgeries identified with the Hourglass Body Procedure does not need post- surgery meetings with the doctor

A post-operative meeting is important for the plastic specialist to be able to assess if the surgical procedure was a success and to check if the recuperation process is proceeding normally. A capable and experienced plastic specialist will be able to immediately identify early indications of complications that can later on turn out to be serious health issues if not treated on time. If the patient doesn’t appear for the post-operative checkup, the plastic surgeon will not be able to determine healing progress or address possible complications.

Myth number 5: The Hourglass Body plastic surgery has no restrictions when it comes to completely changing the patient’s anatomy

Plastic specialists are specialists, not mystical performers. There are unique variables in each patient over which the surgeon has no control over. For instance, a patient who is fat shouldn’t expect that liposuction will be able to address the issue of obesity. The surgical procedures used for Hourglass Body plastic surgery is not a substitute for good nutrition, healthy lifestyle and regular exercise.

Reward myth: Hourglass Body Procedures all require general anesthesia to be performed

Not all of the procedures that are a part of the Hourglass Body bundle require general anesthetic. A large number can be done under a combination of local anesthesia and sedation. The patient and the plastic specialist will choose and agree on the type of anesthesia to be administered.

Local anesthesia with sedation means that the region that will be addressed will be desensitized, and sedation drug will be given to the patient. When using this kind of anesthesia, the patient will be cognizant during the surgery and will be able to hear and answer the specialist’s inquiries and directions. This sort of anesthesia is primarily restricted to liposuction and not advisable for a more complex procedure like the hourglass butt implant.


The hourglass figure has been popularly defined as the perfect silhouette for women. For the longest time, the emphasis has been on getting the right breast measurements to create that hot and exotic look women desire.

With the rise of popular celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea, round and full buttocks suddenly became the fashion. These great Hollywood divas have inspired a global stampede for a sexy and lush hourglass body.

Getting this voluptuous and curvaceous shape is almost impossible to achieve when no plastic surgery is included. This is the reason we built up the Hourglass Body Procedure and Hourglass Buttock Procedure.

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