Hourglass Body With Plastic Surgery by Dr.Cortes

18th Oct 2018

The hourglass body has become one of the most coveted figures in the US, with women working hard to achieve it. There are some women who fortunate enough to be born with an hourglass body shape. Unfortunately, most women have to rely on external interventions to achieve this figure of their dreams. The distinct features of the hourglass shape include smaller waistline, wider hips, full buttocks, which provide a curvaceous silhouette.
For this reason, many women look to plastic surgery in order to achieve this because there are just some things that even a strict diet and exercise regimen can achieve. Luckily, it just so happens that I specialize in creating the coveted hourglass figure. In fact, I am known as Dr. Hourglass in the industry. I am an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who has spent many years studying and analyzing the aesthetic qualities of the female body to help women achieve the hourglass body.
Due to my long career as a plastic surgeon, I have developed the necessary skills to create the hourglass figure. I developed my very own signature procedures, which became widely popular. This includes the hourglass butt augmentation, hourglass liposuction, hourglass fat transfer, and hourglass tummy tuck.
When it comes to choosing your plastic surgeon for the hourglass surgery, the experience and expertise of the surgeon is imperative to the results of your surgery. Having said that, for the surgeon to help you achieve the hourglass figure, they need to have more than just plastic surgery skills and experience.
Ideally, these are other important qualities your plastic surgeon should have:
1. A great sense of aesthetics of the female body
2. In-depth knowledge and understanding of the hourglass figure
3. Artistic skills to create killer and voluptuous curves
4. Extensive experience in performing the hourglass plastic surgery procedures
5. Specialized skills to handle sophisticated surgical need, such as proportion and balance.
These are important qualifications because not all board-certified plastic surgeons can deliver the hourglass body. This is why your surgeon should also be an artist who is adept in the female anatomy. Moreover, they should fully understand your realistic aesthetic goals to help you achieve it.
During the initial consultation, the surgeon should be able to identify which procedures are required to attain the hourglass figure. The doctor will conduct a thorough examination of your body configuration in order to analyze what needs to be done. Some patients only require 1 procedure, while others need a combination.
For example, the hourglass fat transfer is recommended for a patient with narrow hips and an abdomen that contains stubborn fat pockets so that the surgeon can utilize those fats. On the other hand, the hourglass tummy tuck coupled with the hourglass fat transfer procedure is suited for those with saggy and bulky abdomen and narrow hips. This shows that the type of procedure is different for each patient.
As you can see, the hourglass body is achievable through plastic surgery. It is all just a matter of determining the right procedure for you. You should be able to determine the best procedure for you as early as the initial consultation with the plastic surgeon.

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