One procedure that can give you an hourglass shape is a procedureshutterstock_401084356 that I developed called the hourglass hip procedure. In this surgical technique, liposuction is performed in multiple areas and this fat is injected into the hips for a nice result.

In this procedure, my goal is to perform liposuction in multiple areas, including the abdomen, flanks, back, thighs, or anywhere that we can get the fat. As I perform liposuction, this fat is collected in sterile canisters and processed using a very specialized technique and equipment. Once I have collected the fat, the fat will be injected in multiple areas in the hips and around them to blend with the buttocks. The results are permanent. Why? Because I have developed a technique and proper equipment to achieve results that are permanent. The hourglass hip procedure is one of the different fat transfer techniques that I have developed to achieve that look you desire: an hourglass shape with nice round hips that blend with the buttocks and make you look very sexy.








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