Houston Facial Surgeries: Is Your Face Camera-Ready?

Houston Facial Surgeries: Is Your Face Camera-Ready?

26th Jun 2013

There are all kinds of way to communicate, and one of the most commonly used forms of communication nowadays is video chatting. Whether it’s a business interview or a weekend chat with family members on the other side of the globe, chats over Skype, Google Hangout and FaceTime are now an important part of our daily lives. With the increasing number of video chat users, there has been a greater demand for facial surgeries in Houston such as chin implants, Botox, dermal fillers, and face lift procedures.

Let’s take a look at the Houston facial cosmetic surgeries options to get that face camera-ready!

Chin Augmentation – strengthens and improves the appearance of a weak chin through the insertion of an implant in front of the jawbone.

Cheek Augmentation – helps restore the fullness of your face which is often lost with aging. Soft tissue fillers and implants may be utilized to achieve fullness.

Facelift – reduces the appearance of fine lines, sagging jaw line, and crease lines along nose, mouth and chin.  A Houston facelift is often performed in combination with other facial cosmetic procedures and can be performed any time signs of aging begin to appear.

Botox – this wrinkle reduction procedure is the top non-invasive cosmetic surgery in 2012. This should not come as a surprise as Botox, including Dysport (a derivative of Botox), has proven to be very effective in battling crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, and frown lines.

Facial Fillers – fillers such as Juvederm could significantly enhance shallow contours, soften creases and wrinkles, and plump thin lips. It has also been shown that these fillers can also reduce the appearance of recessed scars.

Facial Procedures in Houston

Making the decision to have a facial surgery or different combinations of surgery  is a personal one. Dr. Cortés is willing to discuss your individual plastic surgery goals and address your concerns.

Fill out this contact form to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cortés via email. You can also call us at (713) 234-6244. Together,  we will review your goals, expectations, and medical history to advise you regarding the different existing options and provide you the highest quality care.

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