How a bbl is done?

18th Oct 2018

The Brazilian butt lift consists of removing the fat from certain donor areas with the help of liposuction, processing it and re-injecting the pure fat into the buttocks. The obvious advantage of this procedure is not using any foreign objects; just the patient’s own fat that guarantees good, natural results with fewer complications.
The procedure takes place in three different steps. First, we have the removal of the fat from areas where there is an excess. This means that during this stage, your abdominal area, thighs or flanks will be remodeled, reshaped and the fat is eliminated. When performing liposuction, I make small incisions to introduce the cannula that will help me dislodge and remove the fat. With a back and forth motion the fat is turned to liquid and then suctioned out.
During the next stage of the procedure, we process the fat. When extracted from the body, the fat is combined with blood and other liquids. Only the valid fat cells are used for the transfer.
Now we are ready for the actual transfer to the buttocks. The pure fat is re-injected into the buttocks. I will use syringes to insert the fat at different depths and in multiple layers on the butt cheeks. This is important to preserve the fat and avoid fat necrosis. If I would insert all the fat in one place, the fat will probably die because there is no blood network to provide nutrition for it to survive.
I will inject more fat than actually needed because only about 70% -80% of the fat we inject will live a few months after the surgery. The rest will be reabsorbed into the body. This technique practically leaves no visible scars. I prefer to perform this procedure under general anesthesia.
The Brazilian butt lift usually lasts 2 to 3 hours. The advantage of the procedure is the combination with liposuction that allows sculpting the body in multiple areas and hence achieving a superior aesthetic result.

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