How aging affects the butt and how buttock augmentation can help

How aging affects the butt and how buttock augmentation can help

17th Aug 2019



Females are extremely sensitive when it comes to the aesthetic features of the body. The buttocks play an essential role in defining the female body outline and femininity. Bigger buttocks look beautiful and attractive and make you look more feminine and fertile. However, the female buttocks do not remain in the same size and shape throughout one’s entire life. 

Most young women have bigger, prominent, fuller, and sensuous buttocks. But as women age, their buttocks lose volume and shape. Aging causes the butt to become smaller, flatter, and poorly shaped. As a result, you may look aesthetically unappealing and experience lower self-esteem. Buttock augmentation is an effective plastic surgery procedure that can help restore your buttocks’ fullness and volume. 


How aging affects the buttocks

The buttocks are primarily made of fat, muscles, tissue, and bones. While the skeletal structure is responsible for setting the butt outline, the fat, tissue, and muscle volume in the buttocks define the size and fullness of the booty. Mainly it is the fat volume in your buttocks that help make your butt look smooth, luscious, more prominent, and aesthetically pleasant.

The buttocks have many functions, both aesthetic and physical. Physically, the buttocks help one maintain posture, walk around, sit, and do physical activities. Aesthetically, it sets your overall body outline, defines your femininity and fertility, and underscores your beauty. 

Majority of women always want to have bigger, voluptuous, and well-defined buttocks. They want to appear more feminine, fertile, and attractive. Modern beauty standards also demand women to have fuller buttocks are more attractive. Given the fact that women are extremely body conscious, they are sensitive when it comes to the appearance of the buttocks and their overall body outline.

The shape and size of the buttocks are directly linked with aging. Younger women mostly have more significant, shapelier, and prominent buttocks. As a result, they look youthful, sexy, energetic, feminine, and fertile. The estrogen level in your body is one of the primary factors that help define the size and shape of your buttocks.

When women reach puberty, their bodies start to produce more estrogen so that they can become more fertile and available to produce babies. When the estrogen level in the body surges, it naturally causes the excess fat in your body to store in your buttocks. When the excess fat storage is concentrated in your buttocks, it causes the buttocks to become more prominent. This indicates that the female is now fertile and ready to mate. It also shows youthfulness and physical beauty.

In most cases, women continue to have bigger and shapelier buttocks for many years after hitting puberty. To prolong the life of your bigger and voluptuous buttocks, you need to avoid massive weight gain. 

However, as women age, the size and shape of their buttocks change. Aging is one of the most potent factors that affect the size and shape of the female buttocks. Many women wonder why their buttocks lose volume and shape over time. Again, it has to do with the estrogen level in your body. During youth, your body generates more estrogen, whereas as you age, the estrogen level gradually plummets.

When the estrogen level decreases with time, it indicates that your fertility has decreased. As a result, the excess fat in your body will be stored in your upper body areas like the abdomen, sides, flanks, etc., instead of being stored in your buttocks. As a result of this phenomenon, the buttocks decrease in size or even become flatter, whereas your upper body becomes bulky because of fat storage.

Most women experience a plunge in their estrogen level after the age of 35 or 40 years. When they cross the age of 50 years, their buttocks may lose almost half of the volume that they had during youth. When the buttocks become smaller, it results in lower self-esteem for the patient. If your smaller buttocks affect your self-esteem, you may consider getting buttock augmentation surgery. The procedure has an excellent history of effectively enhancing the buttocks affected by aging.

Two types of buttock augmentation procedures can help you achieve the desired improvements: buttock implant surgery and fat transfer to the buttocks. Both methods can augment the buttocks but to different extents.


How can buttock augmentation with implants help?

Buttock augmentation with implants is a popular plastic surgery procedure that is used to make smaller buttocks bigger. This procedure is recommended for women with smaller buttocks wanting to get bigger and voluptuous buttocks. If aging has caused your buttocks to shrink and become smaller and you want to get a bigger and voluptuous booty, you may consider getting buttock implant surgery.

This procedure involves the use of artificial implants to increase your buttock size. Buttock implants are permanent devices that are resistant to rupture and leak. These implants are made of semi-solid silicone material that is highly durable. Also, the butt implants come in different size options. The butt implant size suitable for you will be determined during the pre-operative consultation.

The plastic surgeon will examine your buttocks, measure your butt dimension and height, and take your body outline and aesthetic goals into account before recommending to you a particular butt implant size. The surgery is carried out under general anesthesia and on an outpatient basis.

During the operation, the plastic surgeon will first make an incision on your butt. The size and shape of the incision depends on the size of the implant and your aesthetic goals. After making the incision, the surgeon will carefully create a pocket for the implant within, under, or over the buttock muscle. When the pocket is made, the surgeon will then insert the implant into the butt and then place it inside the pocket.

Once the implant is in the intended position inside the pocket, the surgeon will carefully place sutures on the buttocks and then close the incisions. The same process will be repeated on the second butt cheek as well. Dressings will then be placed. 

Your recovery will carry on for many weeks. Your buttocks will be swollen and bruised after the surgery. The results of the procedure will transpire only after the swelling and bruising have disappeared. This will take many weeks and even months to happen. When the results finally emerge, you will notice that your buttocks have become more prominent, voluptuous, and sexy. Your self-esteem and body outline will also improve as a result of the aesthetic improvements in your buttocks.


How can buttock augmentation with fat transfer help?

Buttock augmentation with fat transfer is best for women who have smaller buttocks and desire to add mild projection and more shape to their backside. It does not give you large buttocks but will make your buttocks and body shapelier and curvaceous. To be a good candidate, you need to have enough excess fat in your body that can be used as donor fat to enhance your booty.

During the consultation session, the plastic surgeon will examine your buttocks, know your goals, and identify the fat donor sites in your body. He will also measure different aspects of your buttocks to determine the fat volume required to deliver you the aesthetic improvements. This surgery does not involve putting foreign objects like implants inside your buttocks.

The operation is carried out under IV sedation with local anesthesia or under general anesthesia. It is also an outpatient procedure. The plastic surgeon will make tiny incisions on the fat donor sites like the abdomen, sides, flanks, and love handles and then perform liposuction on those areas to remove the excess fat. The incisions are then sutured and closed.

The doctor will then process the collected fat in a centrifuge for purification purposes. After the fat is purified, the plastic surgeon will use a special needle to inject the fat cells into your buttocks carefully. Once the fat cells are injected, the operation will come to an end and your recovery will start. The results will not be immediately visible. It will take many weeks and even months for the results to become prominent. Your body will start blood supply to the fat cells, which will nurture and expand to deliver you the desired improvements. When the results emerge, your buttocks will appear projected and shapelier. 



The buttocks play an essential part in your femininity and body outline. But aging is one of the dominant factors that affect the aesthetic features of the female buttocks. As you age, you will notice that your buttocks have become smaller. Even the shape of the buttocks will change. Fortunately, buttock augmentation surgery can effectively restore your bigger, shapelier, and youthful buttocks. There are two options to augment smaller buttocks with plastic surgery: fat transfer and implants. I have explained above how these procedures can help aging-induced smaller or poorly shaped buttocks. 


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