How are the first few days post-op breast lift?

How are the first few days post-op breast lift?

23rd Mar 2019


The breast lift is a plastic surgery procedure that aims to lift and remodel the contours of saggy breasts. The loss of skin elasticity, the effects of gravity, weight fluctuations and the natural aging process can leave their marks on the appearance of the breasts, especially in terms of firmness and their shape. Also due to the aging process, the breasts can lose volume from the adipose tissue and even because of the atrophy of the mammary gland.

Breast sagginess can occur at different times for different patients, and one of the factors that influence the early onset of breast ptosis is the volume of the breasts. If the breasts are too large compared to the rest of the patient’s anatomy, they have a tendency to start sagging sooner. The breast lift procedure can be performed on patients of different ages; the only condition is for the patient to have completed the development of the mammary gland. Aside from this, another important recommendation that the plastic surgeon will bring to your attention is to avoid undergoing the breast lift surgery if you plan to have more children in the future. An ulterior pregnancy and breastfeeding can negatively impact the results of the breast lift procedure.

The breast lift is recommended if the patient has droopy, saggy breasts that have lost their firmness and elasticity. For patients with saggy breasts, the areolas and nipples are often pointing downwards instead of forward and are positioned under the inframammary fold. Depending on the position of the mammary gland compared to the inframammary fold, there are different stages of breast ptosis: minor, moderate and severe. Depending on the level of breast ptosis but also taking into consideration other characteristics of the patient and her desires for the surgery, the plastic surgeon will recommend the operative plan.

This procedure involves the removal of the skin and fat tissue that is in excess and the re-centering of the mammary gland for a perky appearance of the breasts. The mammary gland is not injured during the procedure and the pectoralis muscles are not affected by it. The incisions are on the skin envelope of the breasts. This means that the recovery period after the breast lift is not overly difficult for the patient.

But how are the first few days after breast lift? The patient will spend the most of the first few days in bed, resting and allowing the body to recover. The recommendation is to avoid sleeping or resting on the front at all costs so as not to put unnecessary pressure on the breasts. A slight discomfort and pain can be experienced during the first few days, but they can be easily alleviated with the help of the medication prescribed by the plastic surgeon. Antibiotics will also be prescribed for five days. The patient will need to pay special attention to the hygiene of the operated area and wear the special post-op bra non-stop.


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