How big can my butt get after plastic surgery?

How big can my butt get after plastic surgery?

26th Nov 2017

Large and curvy butts are the signs of womanhood, fertility, and sensuality. Women with flatter or smaller butts often suffer from low self-esteem because they don’t meet the modern standards of physical beauty and femininity. The good news is that there is an effective plastic surgery procedure called buttock augmentation, which helps to contour your booties by increasing their size and volume. The procedure can enhance your buttocks and make them appear shapely.

There are many patients who want to know how big their butts can get after plastic surgery. It is a very important question that patients should ask their plastic surgeon before going under the knife to increase the size of their booties. Increasing the size of the buttocks is the major goal of many women with flatter butts, so it should be done judiciously and after thorough research. Knowing how much the surgery can increase your butt size and whether it can meet your aesthetic desires is crucial to postsurgical satisfaction.

Buttock size and butt augmentation surgery

The buttock augmentation procedure is the most effective way to increase your buttock size. How big your butt can get after the procedure depends on the type of procedure because buttock augmentation can be performed either via fat transfer or via the use of butt implants.

The fat transfer procedure is ideal for patients who want to increase their butt size and have enough fat for such a procedure. Majority of the patients use the fat transfer procedure, also popularly known as Brazilian butt lift, to make their buttocks appear shapely and enhanced, instead of adding a lot of volume and projection to their booties.

The procedure involves the use of your own body fat. The surgery involves removal of surplus fat from different areas of your body through liposuction and transfer of that fat to your booties. Since large volume of fat removed from your body can be dangerous for your health, achieving larger butts is not possible via fat transfer. Also, your body consumes some percentage of the fat transferred to your body over time, which can affect the aesthetic results.

If you want to achieve bigger buttocks and don’t have enough fat, the buttock augmentation via implants can help you achieve that. The procedure involves the placement of prosthetic devices called buttock implants inside of your buttocks through small incisions. The buttock implants come in different sizes and shapes and can be placed either under or over the buttock muscle.

Buttock implant size and the extent of butt projection

The buttock implant surgery is a very effective surgery in terms of increasing the size of the buttocks. The good news is that there exists a number of butt implant sizes and shapes. Whether you are looking for very large butts or moderate increase in your buttocks size, the buttock implants can make that possible. There are plenty of butt implant sizes for patients to select from.

The buttock implants can be as small as 200 cc and as big as 600 cc. This means that you have many options between these two extreme sizes. If you use 600 cc, your buttocks will appear extremely large; and if you use the 200 cc implant, your butt size will increase only mildly.

There are many patients who demand very large buttocks from their plastic surgeon. However, they often fail to consider the recommendations and advice of their surgeon, so they end up getting very large butt implants. This can sometimes backfire, especially when your body features—your height, weight, and overall anatomy—fail to accommodate your new buttocks.

Bigger is not always better

Many patients think that they would get much attention by having the biggest butts. Such patients do garner attention after the butt implant surgery, but for different reasons. Patients must understand and admit that bigger buttocks are not always better. You would not always appear physically attractive by having extremely big buttocks.

Patients considering increasing the size of their buttocks via plastic surgery must listen to their surgeon. What size of buttock implant will suit you depends on a number of factors. You should have realistic aesthetic goals to achieve with the use of butt implants. Your existing anatomy, height, weight, dimensions of the buttocks, and health status will determine the buttock implant size that is best for you. Your plastic surgeon will evaluate your figure and take measurements to recommend to you the ideal buttock implant size.

Some patients have become so obsessed with very big butts that they ignore the recommendations of their plastic surgeons and insist on getting the biggest butts possible. Getting very big butts means the use of very big implants. There are two problems that can occur after getting very big implants.

Firstly, your new buttocks will not complement your overall figure, which means that you would not appear aesthetically appealing. Your butts will appear as separate, unnatural entities rather than as part of your body. This can attract the attention of people for all the wrong reasons.

Secondly, there are a number of health complications associated with having very large butt implants. Risks of problems like capsular contracture are very high for large implants, which means that you’d be required to either remove or replace your implants anytime in the future.

It is therefore advised that you should follow the recommendations of your plastic surgeon in choosing the ideal butt implant size. Having very large butts is not feasible for many patients. Your implant size should accentuate the different dimensions and features of your body for it to appear natural and aesthetically beautiful.


Plastic surgery is an effective treatment for flatter or smaller butts. Procedures like fat transfer and butt implant can help you increase the size of your butts to varying degrees, depending on your goals. However, fat transfer is not feasible if you want to achieve bigger butts. Instead, butt implants can help you achieve that. There are different sizes of butt implants that can help you achieve your aesthetic goal. Butt implant sizes range from 200 cc to 800 cc; however, you should always listen to your surgeon’s recommendation because bigger butts are not always better butts.

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