How big can my butt get with implants

How big can my butt get with implants

15th May 2017

Getting a curvier behind is possible through cosmetic surgery. There are many different procedures that can be done on the buttocks to improve its size and shape. Surgeons can alter the size and shape of the buttocks by adding fat or inserting a buttock implant. Both result into a more flattering butt and a sexier silhouette.

In a butt implant augmentation, the buttocks are altered by inserting an implant on each cheek. The buttock implants are mostly used for those who don’t have enough fat in their body to transfer to the buttocks and those who want to achieve a bigger size that is not possible with fat injections alone. The butt implants available today come in a variety of sizes, just like breast implants.

The variety of implant sizes makes the buttock implant surgery a very customizable cosmetic surgery. It enables patients to achieve the butt size they wish to achieve. Butt implants range from 200cc up to 600cc for each implant. The size of the buttocks will depend not only on the implants used but also the natural size of the patient’s buttocks.

It is also possible to have implants that are specially ordered, depending on the size preferred by the patient. For a successful and flattering buttock augmentation, it is best to talk to a certified and experienced surgeon. They can help you choose the size of implant that should be used to achieve your goal. Remember that the previous size and shape of the butt also plays a very important role in the final result of the surgery.

Aside from the size of the buttock implants, the shape of the implants also vary. The size and shape both affect the final appearance of the buttocks, and it is best to consider it when choosing the right implants. Sometimes, the size and shape that you think will best suit your buttocks isn’t the best one to choose for the results you want. It is not merely the size and shape of the implants that matters but also its relation to the natural anatomy of the body.

Custom sizes of butt implants may also be limited, and this is due to safety reasons. The buttock implants are usually placed inside the muscles, and if the buttocks are naturally small, it would be very difficult for it to accommodate a very large implant. The pocket created can be very tight that it can feel very uncomfortable for the patient. It is also possible to develop complications because of how tight the implants fit the buttocks.

Meeting for a consultation with a reliable surgeon makes a big difference when it comes to buttock augmentation. With their expert knowledge and experience, they can suggest the right size and shape of the implant to be used on your buttocks to achieve the results you want. They can also tell you whether the results you want are realistic enough. When they are not, they can clearly explain why. They can also lead you to the realistic results that you can get out of the buttock implant surgery.

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