How big can the breasts get after fat grafting?

How big can the breasts get after fat grafting?

12th May 2019


Fat transfer procedures have been quite in demand over the last few years as they deliver natural results with the use of an external prosthesis. These procedures are also associated with a lower risk of developing a complication and a short and not overly painful recovery period.

Breast augmentation is one of the most requested plastic surgery procedures in the world. Usually, breast augmentation is performed with the use of implants, but with the development of fat transfer methods, more and more women are interested in getting bigger breasts with the help of fat grafting.

The main advantage of fat grafting is that it sculpts the body by eliminating fat from areas where it is not wanted and adding fat to areas that need it, such as the breasts.

When coming to the pre-operative consultation for breast augmentation with fat transfer, many patients are curious to find out how big the breasts can get after fat grafting. For those looking for a considerable augmentation, the answer can be disappointing. When using fat transfer, we can make the breasts bigger by half a size to a full bra cup size. The augmentation is dependent on multiple factors, and it is more difficult to estimate compared to using implants. When we use implants, we know that the breasts will be larger to a certain volume and reach a certain cup size because the implants have a clear volume. When we use fat, things are a bit different as the fat reacts differently after being transferred to the breasts.

Patients interested in undergoing fat grafting to the breasts should know that immediately after the procedure, the breasts are much larger than three months after the procedure. This is normal, and the explanation is quite simple. The fat injected into the breasts will be reabsorbed by the body over the first few months. Generally speaking, about 30% to 40% of the fat cells transferred will be reabsorbed by the body.

Fat transfer is a procedure recommended for patients interested in getting a moderate augmentation and also a nicer shape of the breasts. However, all patients should be aware and understand that fat grafting can’t provide them with breasts that are three bra cup sizes bigger. The augmentation that can be achieved with fat transfer is moderate and discrete and a good idea for patients who prefer to get natural results than huge breasts.

Keep in mind that even if the breasts can’t get overly big after fat transfer, their shape can be significantly improved with the help of fat grafting. However, if you prefer a more considerable augmentation, it is preferable to discuss implants with your plastic surgeon.


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