How big is too big for my butt?

How big is too big for my butt?

08th Nov 2021

When it comes to the butt, there is no doubt about the fact that lately, people want to see bigger and bigger. But bigger is not always better when it comes to the size of the buttocks. When seeing patients for the pre-operative consultation for butt augmentation, we often hear the question “how big is too big for my butt?” Patients want to get impressive results with the help of surgery, but also don’t want to cross the line and get implants that are too big as this can trigger complications and put their wellbeing at risk. So, let’s see what happens during the pre-operative consultation for butt augmentation and how we can determine the right size for the buttocks. 

When meeting the plastic surgeon for butt augmentation consultation, you should be prepared for a medical examination, but also to discuss your reasons to get surgery and your expectations from it. An experienced plastic surgeon will start by asking your reasons and goals and then move on to the physical examination. The surgeon will take different measurements of your body such as weight and height among others. The tissues of the buttocks will also be assessed and also the hips. The size of the buttocks post-op needs to be decided after considering these factors as the buttocks need to be proportionate with the rest of the body for the surgery to be successful. 

The plastic surgeon might recommend the patient to get a fat transfer or implants or a combination of the two procedures. When we use fat transfer, there is a limitation to how big the butt can be as we can only remove six to seven liters of fat with liposuction. After processing, we are left with about two liters of pure fat to be injected inside the buttocks. This means a maximum of one liter injected in each buttock and about 30% of this fat will be reabsorbed by the body during the first few months post-op. 

When using fat transfer, it is difficult to get a butt that is unrealistically big in just one fat transfer session. When this procedure is performed, we are preoccupied more with symmetry and ensuring the fat survives than the fact that the buttocks might be too big. However, when gluteal implants are used, the buttocks might get too big if the implant size is not the suitable one. During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will give you a range (a minimum and maximum) for the implants that can be used. Make sure to keep within that range, as choosing an implant larger might be too big for your buttocks. If the implant is too big, the incisions might take a long time to close, the buttocks might be painful to sit on, and the results might look unnatural. 

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