How breast augmentation can improve your self-esteem

How breast augmentation can improve your self-esteem

20th Mar 2013

For an adult woman, a pair of well-defined breasts is usually a source of pride and a confidence booster. This is so as the breasts can accentuate the woman’s curves and body contour. Unfortunately, several factors like skin aging, pregnancy, and major weight loss may negatively affect the fullness and shape of a woman’s breasts.

If you have issues with the form or the decreasing volume of your breasts, your self-confidence will likely go down as well due to the feeling of having insufficient breast size or volume. But you don’t need to go down the upset road further. A surgery known as breast augmentation is proven effective in thousands of instances to remedy breast size issues. The catch is for you to choose a plastic surgeon, like Houston-based Dr. Cortés, who is capable of incorporating his artistic touch and precision in performing surgical procedures. This is so as augmentation of breasts requires keen and detail-oriented attention in enhancing your body’s particular symmetry.

Before giving a go-signal to perform surgery on you, Board-Certified Dr. Cortés will examine, among others, your tissue characteristics, breast volume, skin quality, and nipple location. Depending on your aesthetic goal and body frame, the surgery may be aimed to move your breasts closer together and to increase your breast size by 1 to 3 cups. Using small and minimally invasive incisions, a breast augmentation surgery will essentially bring back a fuller profile on your breasts. Additionally, the Houston Plastic Surgeon will endeavour to make your breast shape smoother and naturally proportioned to the rest of your body.

The surgery will make use of implants that are usually placed in the lower portion of the breasts. However, implants may also be inserted around the areola (that darker skin around the nipple), in the belly button, and even in the axilla area. Dr. Cortés will make sure that every decision regarding your surgery will be decided between you and him. Breast implants will typically contain saline or silicone materials, or a composite of both saline and silicone. The important thing is that Dr. Cortés will only suggest implant materials that are fully approved by the U.S. FDA. Being a generally outpatient procedure, you can go back home with a fuller and more proportioned pair of breasts on the very same day of the procedure. And, of course, with much-improved self-esteem on your part.

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