How buttock procedures can change your shape

How buttock procedures can change your shape

15th Mar 2014

When it comes to get a curvier, more womanly figures one, the most desired places is the buttocks. Surgical procedures in the buttocks have become increasingly popular and can change the way your body looks completely. But knowing exactly how each different procedure can change your body is important to know before even speaking with a doctor.

Butt Lifts

Just as the name implies, a surgical butt lift will eliminate any sagging skin and ‘lift’ the buttocks up. This procedure is done by making an incision in a certain area depending on the desired outcome. The sagging skin is then lifted up and attached to deep inner tissue or bone to permanently hold it in place.
A buttock lift will firm the area, lift the buttocks and make it appear smaller. It is ideal for anyone who has a lot excess skin from losing weight and will give your body a taut appearance.

The Brazilian butt lift is a completely different procedure from a regular lift. It is done by removing fat from one area if the body, and injecting it into the buttocks. The result is a rounder, firmer posterior that has a lifted appearance and fills out your figure. Although it is called a ‘lift’, the Brazilian does not actually involve any lifting. Rounding out your bottom does slightly lift the buttocks, but it will not get rid of excess sagging skin. A Brazilian butt lift is ideal for women who would like to slightly even out their figures, plump up a flat bottom, or add some curves that look light and natural. It also requires some extra fat on your body to use for the injections, the amount depending on your desired results.

Butt implants are actual implants – similar to breast implants that are put into your body through incisions, typically underneath the buttocks. The implant can be a variety of different sizes and shapes to best suit your results and body shape. Butt implants will not Gerri’s of sagging skin, but will give your bottom a lift. They are the ideal option for women of a healthy body weight that just want some extra curves, or want to enhance their derrière.

Whatever procedure you’re thinking of undergoing, consider it carefully. You can get the curves you’ve always wanted with the right procedure, right doctor and by knowing what you want!


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