How can a breast reduction in houston help you?

How can a breast reduction in houston help you?

31st Jan 2013

For many women, having a pair of big breasts is somewhat considered a blessing. It is not a secret that most ladies would want to have large rather than small breasts. There are instances, however, when some women in Houston want to have their breasts reduced in size. Women with excessively sized breasts that they find it difficult to move around and wear their favourite outfit. More than physical discomfort, overly huge breasts are a likely source as well of embarrassment and diminished self-esteem. It is really akin to a domino effect, mainly because extra-sized breasts would tend to lead to a disproportionate body frame.

The desire to reduce extremely large breasts can be for a host of reasons, including having to experience these symptoms: sagging breasts, restricted physical activities, and all sorts of body pain from the neck to the back because of the heaviness of it all. As to the possible cause of overly large breasts, it can be due to any of these: genetics, pregnancy, obesity, and massive weight fluctuations. The most effective way to correct this condition is through a breast enhancement procedure that aims to reshape breasts into a more pleasing size and form. True enough, a breast reduction surgery or reduction mammaplasty is intended to make excessively enlarged breasts lighter, smaller and firmer.

For Dr. Wilberto G. Cortés, a reduction mammaplasty involves the removal of extra skin and fat in the breasts to achieve their ideal size. Furthermore, the surgery involves repositioning the areola in proportion to the new breasts. While not recommended for patients planning to get pregnant very soon, this surgery aims to maintain functional sensitivity and lactational capability of female breasts. This means that the procedure won’t affect the breastfeeding functions of women in the long-run. Typically done through general anaesthesia, the surgery will consume around three to five hours. Minus strenuous activities, women can go back to work in about two weeks from surgical operation.

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