How can butt implants boost your femininity?

How can butt implants boost your femininity?

01st Aug 2019



Women are incredibly conscious when it comes to their aesthetic appearance. Anything that can make them look less feminine causes self-esteem issues for them. When it comes to the buttocks, they are among the primary areas that define the femininity of women. Women with bigger and fuller buttocks are considered to be more feminine than women with smaller or flatter buttocks.

Many factors can cause the buttocks to become smaller and flatter. These include massive weight loss and genetics. Butt implant surgery is one of the best ways to boost your femininity. The procedure involves putting artificial implants inside the buttocks, which adds volume, projection, and fullness to them. As a result, you will appear more feminine. 


Importance of the buttocks in your femininity

After the breasts, the buttocks are responsible for setting your femininity level. The butt is the second most important physical feature that attracts men. Moreover, the buttocks are the ideal areas where you can store excess fat without compromising your health. A bigger booty can make you look physically beautiful. The shape, roundness, sensuousness, and size of the buttocks make your body appear curvaceous and sexy. A curvy and sexy body is what women long for because these features enhance their femininity. 

Also, the buttocks play a critical part in defining your overall body outline. Smaller and flatter buttocks affect your body outline in negative ways, whereas bigger and shapelier buttocks that go well with your body will enhance your appearance. Many studies have already concluded that the size of the buttocks indicates your femininity and fertility. It has been found that men prefer to mate with women who have more significant and shapelier buttocks because bigger buttocks show that the woman has a curvy spine that can make pregnancy and childbirth effortless.

Furthermore, evolutionary scientists have found that women with bigger buttocks begin to attract men as they reach puberty. Women with bigger buttocks also have better social skills and the ability to choose better mates. Men also consider women with bigger booties to be healthier than women with smaller booties. 

Given the importance of the buttocks in your femininity, physical beauty, and fertility, you may have lower self-esteem if you have smaller buttocks. Moreover, the modern trend among women is to get bigger buttocks. Not identifying with this trend can cause self-esteem problems for many women. 

The good news is that the buttock implant surgery can artificially make your buttocks bigger and voluptuous, which can restore your self-esteem and make you look more fertile, beautiful, and feminine. The FDA has approved the procedure for butt augmentation, and it has an excellent history of delivering reliable and effective outcomes.


How can butt implants enhance your femininity?

Butt implants are synthetic objects made of semi-solid silicone material. These implants are highly consistent and resistant to ruptures and leaks and can survive enormous compression and strain. What this means is that these implants are permanent objects that make your buttocks bigger on a permanent basis.

Butt implants come in different sizes. There is no standard butt implant size that can be suitable for all women. The butt implant size best for one patient may not be best for another one. The size useful for you depends on your height, butt dimensions, weight, and other physical features. The plastic surgeon will help you choose a suitable implant size. He will examine your buttocks, take measurements of your body, and ask you as to what types of improvements you desire to get in your buttocks before recommending to you a particular implant size.

Buttock implant surgery is one of the most common operations in the US. Every year, hundreds of thousands of women get these implants with the goal to boost their femininity. The good news is that most patients report being satisfied with the results. The procedure is recommended for women who have the primary goal to get bigger buttocks. On the other hand, if you want to get mildly projected and shapelier buttocks, you should consider getting fat transfer instead of implants.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia because it involves incisions on the buttocks and meddling with your butt tissue, skin, and muscles. When the anesthesia is given to you, you will fall asleep and the plastic surgeon will perform the operation. The doctor will first make incisions on your buttocks. The size of the incisions depends on the size of the implants.

After the incisions are made, the surgeon will put the implant inside the booty and then place the implants in the intended position. In most cases, the implants are placed under or within the gluteal muscle. In these places, the implants get more tissue coverage, the results are better, and the rate of complications is lower. 

After the implants are in the desired position, the plastic surgeon will check whether your buttocks are looking symmetrical, bigger, and shapelier. If these conditions are met, the surgeon will then carefully suture and close the incisions.

Your recovery will begin immediately following the operation. The recovery period can extend to many weeks, but the primary recovery takes place within the first two weeks. You must avoid physical activities and movements during this time, except taking short and slow walks every few hours to prevent blood clotting. Do not sleep on your backside and be sure to wear the compression garments for the recommended time. 

As you heal, you will start to notice that your buttocks are looking bigger. After the surgery, your buttocks will be swollen and bruised, which will keep the results from being noticeable. But as the swelling decreases and you cross the six weeks threshold of complete recovery, your buttocks will appear large and sensuous.

When the buttocks become more prominent, they will not only improve your physical appearance but also make you look more feminine. The buttock size is significant when it comes to defining your femininity and fertility. Butt implants add projection, volume, and fullness to your backside. As a result, you will be more feminine and physically attractive. 

A woman’s feminine features are not limited to her butt size alone. It is made of many features, such as your body outline and shape, your social skills, the balance between your buttocks, breasts, height, weight, other physical characteristics, and your posture. The best thing about butt implant surgery is that it can enhance all of these features. 

When your buttocks become bigger and shapelier, they will make your body look curvaceous and sexy. As a result, men will be more attracted and interested in you. It is also vital that the suitable implant size is used so that your buttocks become proportional to and accentuate your other body features. A good plastic surgeon can make you look more feminine by achieving this balance with butt implant surgery.

It is also essential to make sure that the breasts and buttocks are in tune. Again, this can be achieved by using an implant size that is suitable for your body. Keep in mind that it is not always wise to get large implants because they can do more damage than any good. When the buttocks become huge and are not proportional to your body features, it will appear abnormal and negatively affect your physical appearance. 

When it comes to your posture, buttock implant surgery can improve that as well. There is no doubt that women with smaller and flatter buttocks are not able to maintain a proper posture, whether it is during sitting, walking or standing. When the butt size increases after the surgery, the patient will notice that her posture has improved. You can walk, stand, and sit with confidence after the surgery.

As a result of these improvements, the patient will experience an increase in her self-esteem, which is yet another vital component in your femininity.  When women are confident in their personal, social, and professional life, they look more feminine and can excel in different aspects of their lives. 



The size and shape of the buttocks play a vital role in setting your femininity. Your femininity comprises of many factors, including your butt size and shape, your self-esteem, your body outline, your socialization skills, and a balance between your buttocks and your other body features like your breasts, height, weight, and shape. The good news is that buttock implant surgery will increase your butt size to the extent that will enhance your overall body outline, make you look sexier and more beautiful, and achieve a balance between your physical features. After the surgery, you will experience improvement in your social skills and self-esteem. When you look more feminine, you will be able to attract better mates and enjoy your life. 


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