How Can I Get Wider Hips With Plastic Surgery?

How Can I Get Wider Hips With Plastic Surgery?

03rd Jan 2019

How Can I Get Wider Hips With Plastic Surgery?


A plastic surgery that targets the hips is commonly known as hip augmentation. It will help you to enhance your hip volume through fat transfer. By using the fat transfer method, you can spend on average around $5,000. Of course, these are the average prices when dealing with surgeons all over the US, but sometimes the prices are higher in big towns or when dealing with highly experienced doctors. There is some characteristic that distinguishes these procedures that refer strictly to the procedure that is used to enlarge your hip volume.

As you have already deduced from the title, your hips will be enlarged using fat transfer from your own body. The most common area for harvesting the fat needed is the belly. Also known as fat grafting, the fat transfer procedure has some clear advantages.

First of all, there are no chances for your body to reject the fat deposits added as basically, it is your own fat. Also, there is no need for hospitalization, and the surgery can be carried out under local anesthetic, removing away all the side effects that can occur during a general anesthetic. There will be no discomfort as well after the surgery, as no foreign objects are inserted inside your body.

Not everyone is a good candidate for fat transfer. If the amount required for creating your new volume cannot be harvested from your body, your doctor will definitely not risk it, and he will suggest implants instead. The procedure usually takes around 3 hours, depending on the fat volume that needs to be transferred. Liposuction is used to harvest the desired fat deposits, and the surgeon will make an incision around your hips to add them inside. The recovery period usually takes four weeks, and it is one of the easiest recovery periods when talking about plastic surgeries.


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