How can i tell how my breasts will look after breast augmentation?

How can i tell how my breasts will look after breast augmentation?

30th Oct 2018

Breast augmentation, augmentation mammoplasty, breast implant surgery… These are all synonymous terms that refer to the same thing: an increase in the size of the breasts achieved with the help of plastic surgery. The breast augmentation procedure enhances the appearance and size of the breasts by using silicone or saline solution implants, fat transfer to the breasts, or a combination of the two procedures.

Many patients interested in undergoing the procedure are concerned about the appearance of the breasts after the augmentation. Some of them have a clear idea in their head about what results they want to achieve, while others are just worried that their breasts will be too big or too small.

Achieving satisfactory results after breast augmentation surgery

In my experience, it is always a good idea to go for a harmony of the proportions instead of having your mind set on a certain size of breast implants. If you get beautiful, proportionate breasts after the procedure, you can make them stick out when you want to by wearing certain clothing or special lingerie. But at the same time, you have the option of looking professional and keeping your plastic surgery procedure discreet.

Nowadays when women from different economic and social backgrounds are undergoing the procedure, it is rare for a patient to want an unnatural result. The reality is that many of the patients I operate on want their breasts to look natural. Nowadays, very few women want to look like they are wearing a huge push-up bra nonstop and they usually come from the entertainment industry.

Good communication with your chosen plastic surgeon is essential for achieving satisfactory results after breast augmentation. Before everything else, he needs to fully understand what you want to achieve with the procedure. How do you envision your breasts after the procedure? Try to describe this in clear terms and bring pictures to illustrate what you mean. This can make all the difference when it comes to achieving the expected results. Your plastic surgeon has the responsibility of letting you know if your expectations are realistic and even suggest different solutions for a better aesthetic result. It is also the plastic surgeon who will help you get an idea of how your breasts will look like after breast augmentation.

During the initial consultation and after discussing your medical history and expectations, the plastic surgeon will give you a test bra in which different size and shaped implants will be introduced to help you understand how you will look like after the procedure. However, it is only after the procedure that you will see how your breasts will be.

When it comes to a breast augmentation with fat transfer, keep in mind that the plastic surgeon will insert a bigger quantity of fat cells as a percentage of it (up to 30-40%) will be reabsorbed by the body within the first months following the procedure. This means that the results are less predictable compared to using breast implants to achieve the augmentation.

To help you form an opinion, your plastic surgeon might also provide you with before and after pictures of other patients who underwent a breast augmentation. When evaluating the pictures, make sure that the person in the photo has similar anatomical characteristics as yours, and the results after surgery are also comparable to what you want to achieve.

To understand more about the consistency and texture of the breasts after the surgery when using breast implants, ask your plastic surgeon to give you some implants to hold in your hands. Depending on the amount of mammary tissue that you initially have, your breasts will feel more or less like the implants. As a general rule, silicone implants tend to give a more natural feel to the touch compared to saline solution implants. Discuss this issue with the plastic surgeon and ask to see and touch different types of implants.

Scarring after breast augmentation

Another important part that plays a role in the appearance of your breasts after surgery is the scars. Any surgical procedure leaves scars behind. Keep in mind that even if the scars will fade and become less visible during the first year post-surgery, they are permanent. Patients who are trying to avoid significant scarring can go for saline solution implants as the incisions are much smaller. When a silicone implant is inserted, the incision needs to be big enough to allow the implant to be introduced. But saline solution implants are inserted into the breast pockets while empty. The plastic surgeon will only introduce an empty silicone capsule that will be filled with saline solution after insertion. This means the incisions can be smaller.

The scar maturation process is not something that can be predicted or guaranteed by the plastic surgeon. Each patient goes through a cicatrization process of his own. Some have a tendency for abnormal scarring which can result in a more complicated healing process and even unsightly scars. This is why it is important to choose a board-certified and highly experienced plastic surgeon to play out your breast augmentation and also to go to the follow-up consultations and respect his recommendations.


The breast augmentation procedure is often performed nowadays all over the world. However, even after seeing hundreds of before and after pictures, it is only natural for the patient to want to have an idea about how her breasts will look after the procedure. To help you with this, your plastic surgeon will show you pictures of past procedures and also give you a test bra to try on different types of implants. The scars on your breasts can play an important part when it comes to the aesthetic result. To prevent bad scarring, it is important to follow the plastic surgeon’s recommendations to the letter.

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