How different are the butt implants from the breast implants?

How different are the butt implants from the breast implants?

18th Feb 2018

Buttock enhancement or augmentation with silicone implants is increasingly in demand, not just in the United States but globally. In the US alone, statistics placed butt implants as the fastest growing type of plastic surgery with an average of one procedure performed every 30 minutes, every day. The demand has been traditionally highest from Latin America and the Caribbean, but with rapid advancements in technology and methodology, the widespread celebrity culture, and the colossal and pervasive influence of social media, the word is out that butt augmentation with implants can truly deliver impressive results, and the rest of the world has heard and has joined the bandwagon.

Butt implant is recommended for people with extremely flat or disproportionately small buttocks compared to the rest of their anatomy. The butt implants are durable, solid but soft, with a natural feel and comes in different shapes, volumes and surface area types. The plastic surgeon will help you choose the silicone butt implant that best fits you after taking your measurements, conducting a thorough examination of your anatomy, and factoring in your specific goals and expectations.

About the butt implants

If you would see a silicone butt implant sectioned through the middle, you would better understand why the content will not migrate in the body in case of implant rupture. Each silicone butt implant is filled with a highly cohesive silicone gel. This means that if the capsule that contains the silicone gel ruptures, the gel inside will maintain its position and won’t leak inside the body.

The consistency of the silicone butt implant is somewhere in between the female breast implants which are softer, and the silicone male chest implants that are firmer and thicker to the touch.

The risk of implant rupture for the silicone butt implants is immensely low because of its robust design and texture. A word of caution: please bear in mind that the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover external damage like the ones caused by an introduction into the butt of sharp, penetrating objects like a needle or syringe and other traumas. The warranty means that in case of instant rupture, the producer will replace the implants. Complications such as implant rejection by the body or deep tissue infections are not covered by warranty.

The differences between silicone butt implants and silicone breast implants:

Many patients mistakenly expect the silicone butt implants to be identical to the breast implants, but this is not the case. The breast implants come in two shapes – round and anatomical – with smooth or textured surfaces and different volumes. Their consistency is softer compared to the butt implants to resemble the natural feel of the breasts. The butt implants are thicker to simulate the feel of the gluteal muscles. Some patients find the silicone butt implants to be very hard, especially if they have seen and touched silicone breast implants before. All the same, if you will consider the feel of the natural breasts and compare it to the feel of the buttocks, you will surely realize that it is only natural for the butt and breast implants to feel different.

The silicone butt implants need to sturdier since it has to put up with a lot more pressure in comparison to breast implants. We sit on our buttocks, sleep on our back and use the gluteal area for walking, running and other movements. This means that the butt implants need to be more durable and able to take the pressure that will be applied to them on a daily basis. It is important to avoid any unnecessary pressure on the butt implants for at least a month to six weeks after the buttock implant surgery. The plastic surgeon will advise you to sleep on the stomach or on the side. The butt implants are positioned in the superior half of the butt checks, usually in between the gluteus muscles.

More about the butt augmentation surgery:

The silicone butt implants are emplaced through a tiny incision hidden in the natural folds of the butt so after the surgery, the patient will only have a small to moderate scar that is barely visible. The plastic surgeon will make an incision, approximately 5 cm long, in between the butt cheeks and a pocket will be created inside the muscle. The butt implants will be inserted through the buttocks fold or the fold in between the butt cheeks. The implants are placed on the upper side of the buttocks, over the sciatic nerve. Once in place, the incisions are carefully and meticulously sutured in layers using absorbable sutures. Small drain tubes are placed at the incision sites to prevent accumulation of fluids and blood. A compression bandage is then applied and antibiotics and pain medication prescribed to assuage the attendant pain and discomfort following surgery.

Barring complications, most patients can go home within a few hours after surgery. If the procedure was combined with other plastic surgery procedures or if the surgery was more complex than normal, the patient will be required to spend the night in the medical facility for close monitoring by the medical staff.

The initial results are immediately noticeable after the intervention for both buttocks implant and breast implant surgery. For all that, final results will take some time and can only be fully appreciated after complete recovery and healing. Once the swelling and bruising subside, the patient can see the gradual results. Please remember that patients with butt implants should not get any intramuscular injections, although this is not really an issue.


Contrary to some beliefs, butt implants are not the same as breast implants for the following reasons, to wit:

  1. Difference in consistency. Both types of implants are designed to simulate the natural feel of the body parts they are intended for. In other words, the breast implants are softer to feel like natural breasts and the butt implants are thicker and designed to approximate the feel of butt muscles.
  2. Breast implants can be placed either under the mammary gland or the pectoral muscle while the butt implants are emplaced in a pocket in between the buttocks muscles.
  3. Breast implants have round and anatomically shapes whilst butt implants come in round and oval shapes.

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