How do butt implants feel like?

How do butt implants feel like?

19th Mar 2019


Nowadays men and women alike want to have the perfect butt. With the help of plastic surgery, this ideal is not difficult to achieve, even if the initial shape and size of the butt are not very impressive. There are two procedures that can be performed for butt augmentation: implants and fat transfer. To be eligible for fat transfer, the patient needs to have underlying adipose tissue in other areas of the body called donor areas from where that fat is extracted and used for transfer. However, fat transfer can’t always offer impressive results, especially for patients who want a considerable augmentation of the butt.

Butt implant surgery uses silicone implants that are inserted into the muscles of the buttocks to increase projection. The implants are semi-solid and very durable. Many patients ask if butt implants are similar to breast implants, and the answer is no. The breasts have a different consistency compared to the buttocks. The tissues of the breasts are supposed to be smooth and soft while the buttocks should be firm and hard. The implants used for augmentation imitate to a certain degree the natural feel of the tissues in the area where they are inserted.

So if you are wondering how butt implants feel like, you should know that the feel is very similar to toned gluteal muscles. Just imagine you have been working out at the gym a lot and got some toned muscles that are firm and fit. This is how butt implants will feel like. However, you need to keep in mind that in some cases, the plastic surgeon might advise you to combine butt implants with fat transfer to get the best results possible and have good coverage for the butt implants. This is especially recommended if you have little butt tissue and choose a big size for implants. When the butt implants are used with fat transfer, the feel of the butt is different than when just butt implants are used. Depending on the quantity of fat that was injected to cover the implants, the rear end might feel softer to the touch.

Butt implants are a permanent solution for butt augmentation. Their size and shape don’t change over time, and they will have the same consistency throughout the patient’s life. This means that even after the aging process starts affecting the rest of your body and skin sagginess occurs with a tissue atrophy at different levels of the body, your buttocks will still be firm and toned.

Butt implant surgery is a good option for patients who desire a natural looking and feeling result. Keep in mind that it is always important to choose a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon to play out your procedure if you want to maximize the results achieved with the surgery.


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