How do i choose a surgeon for breast augmentation?

How do i choose a surgeon for breast augmentation?

09th Aug 2017

Plastic surgeons are considered the architects of beauty and it is their mission to harmonize features, correct imperfections restore some of the youth, and give the patients a chance for a better life. They can change perceptions, both for the person undergoing the surgery as well as the people around them. It can also considerably improve the health condition of the patients.

Plastic surgery has always been important, especially in a society where professional competitiveness is highly related to aesthetics. For certain industries, a person’s chances for a successful career may depend on their beauty and physical assets. This is particularly true for the entertainment and fashion industry.

Just like they can change lives with their miracle hands, plastic surgeons can also put the health of the patient in jeopardy if they are irresponsible. The pages of all newspapers and glossy magazines are filled with pictures that are the living proof of this statement and they demonstrate the failure of some interventions. To name a few, you will notice people who suffered from excess use of fillers (hyaluronic acid and Botox, for example), an unnatural looking appearance after a face lifting, botched breast augmentation, liposuctions that even lead to the demise of the patients, and the list goes on.

While plastic surgery is a branch of medicine that can bring palpable benefits, they can also threaten the safety of the patient when unqualified, so-called surgeons perform it. This is why it is important for people to take into consideration a series of criteria when choosing the right plastic surgeon for their intervention.

  1. Even if you are tempted to trust a specialist recommended by a friend or someone who recently benefited from the attention of the mass media, be sure to check the surgeon’s CV. The details that are extremely important are their educational background and professional experience. Make sure to look at the conferences they attended, who they have worked with, and what interventions they performed and how often. The type of surgeries that have been performed and how many times can make a tremendous difference in the results of the surgery. A more experienced plastic surgeon knows how to prevent and avoid certain complications and will also be able to make recommendations about what is suitable or not for your specific case. A plastic surgeon who has performed thousands of interventions and is also board-certified is more trustworthy than a plastic surgeon who has just started their career, regardless of whether they are talented or not.
  2. The experience of a plastic surgeon is based on the number of surgeries performed until the present time. If you want a face lifting, and the plastic surgeon you found specializes in breast augmentations, it would be more advisable to look for someone with a solid background in the area that you are directly interested in. Although you may think that it doesn’t matter what type of surgeries they currently perform more often, the reality is that dealing on a day to day basis with certain cases gives you more insight into the complications of certain procedures and the desired outcomes. So even if you know someone who has had a successful facelift with that surgeon, this does not necessarily mean they can also give great outcomes for your breast augmentation.
  3. Ask your chosen plastic surgeon to present you with the results of some previous interventions they have performed in order to confirm that you are not the first patient. Also, this allows you to see their quality of work. It is important to ensure that you are choosing a qualified and capable surgeon. Prioritize quality over price because we have had many patients coming in asking for revision surgery after seeing plastic surgeons with more “affordable” prices. What was hidden behind the lower prices was a lack of experience in that certain field or the lack of well-equipped medical facilities. When it comes to the result of your plastic surgery procedure, these two aforementioned factors come a long way. In fact, in the long-run it comes out cheaper to pay a large lump sum for one surgery rather than take a risk with a cheaper surgeon and end up doing a revision surgeon later on.

Plastic surgery is a domain where medicine allows you to reach your aesthetic goals. However, we should avoid over-doing it and try to look as natural as possible, while still giving you an enhanced appearance. This applies to both the plastic surgeon and the patient. Otherwise, there is a risk of having a world with doll-like faces and botched surgical results.

Thus, when you are considering a certain plastic surgical intervention, you will need to consider several factors. If you were to decide on just two main elements that will provide you with the best results after a breast augmentation surgery, for example, these would be the experience of the plastic surgeon and the techniques and methods used to perform that intervention.

This is because an experienced surgeon knows all the factors that need to be considered in order to avoid complications and ensure the best possible outcome. This includes performing detailed measurements of the patient’s body, examining the patient’s overall mental and physical condition, but at the same time considering their desires and expectations. These are all key elements to performing a successful breast augmentation procedure.

In addition, an experienced plastic surgeon who has performed plenty of breast augmentation interventions will be able to recommend you the most suitable technique for you to have with the least amount of scars and the shortest recovery period possible. It highly depends on what you value most and your body type.

Furthermore, an excellent surgeon can determine and explain the most appropriate materials to use for your surgery and has the ability to answer all your questions about the procedure. They are able to describe all the steps of the intervention and what to expect during the recuperation period. The surgeon’s ability to prepare you can also impact the final results, which is why it is important to find one who can do all these things. These are all things you need to check when deciding on the best plastic surgeon for your case.


In order to choose a plastic surgeon for your breast augmentation procedure, you should have a list of requirements. Before anything else, we advise you not to fall into the trap of choosing a plastic surgeon that is famous by making the headlines of the gossip magazines. The most important things when deciding for a plastic surgeon are their experience and CV, not the frequency of their appearances in the mass media.

Recommendations from friends and family are also important, but if your sister had a facelift from one plastic surgeon, this certainly doesn’t make him the best option for your breast augmentation intervention. Always choose a surgeon who has performed plenty of the interventions you are interested in.

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