How do i choose the right plastic surgeon?

How do i choose the right plastic surgeon?

02nd Jul 2017

Nowadays, plastic surgeons are thought of as architects of beauty, tasked with the job of harmonizing features, correcting defects and imperfections, rejuvenating the body, and offering patients an opportunity for a better life. Plastic surgeons can change the perception of the patient as well as the people around him. With the help of plastic surgery, we can also significantly improve the health of the patient.

Lately, plastic surgery has been playing an important role, especially in a society where personal and professional competition can be dependent on looks. In certain industries such as fashion and entertainment, the chances for an individual to become successful are highly dependent on beauty and appearance.

In the same way in which they can improve the quality of lives, plastic surgeons can also cause terrible health issues if they are not responsible of sufficiently prepared for the job. Photos of botched surgeries can be seen all over media, with some celebrities being living proof of such failures. People’s faces are changed forever, and in worse cases, cause the death of a patient. This is why it is always essential for patients to consider the following before deciding on the right plastic surgeon:

Despite a friend’s recommendation, make sure to check the surgeon’s CV and qualifications, particularly educational background and work experience. Make it a priority to check what the surgeon specializes in and what types of surgeries he most commonly performs. A plastic surgeon who has plenty of experience can make good recommendations on the best course of treatment for you and can give you proper advice on how to take care of your body before and after surgery to prevent complications.

A plastic surgeon can only acquire skill through plenty of experience. If you are looking to undergo a face lift with a surgeon who specializes in buttock augmentation, you should reconsider your choice and opt for a surgeon with more solid experience in the procedure you are interested in. This will ensure that you have the best results for whatever type of surgery you are looking for.

Ask your surgeon for photos of previous patients who have undergone the same procedure you are interested in. This will allow you to assess the quality of his work and give you a good idea of the results. Keep in mind that is important to choose a capable and qualified plastic surgeon. Choose quality over price, as cheaper prices are usually indicative of lack of experience or unsafe practices. Most patients can now testify that choosing a cheaper plastic surgeon cost them more money in the long run compared to what they would have paid a more experienced plastic surgeon.

While plastic surgery aims to improve a person’s aesthetics, it is important to strike a balance and enhance what you already have in order to achieve natural results. Making drastic changes can make you look unnatural or look like another person entirely, which should not be the goal of plastic surgery.

The technique to be used, along with the expertise of your surgeon, are arguably the two most important factors that can determine the success of a surgery. An experienced plastic surgeon will also take into consideration all the important criteria that need to be assessed in order to prevent complications and offer the best possible result. These include specific and thorough measurements of the patient’s anatomy, assessing the patient’s mental and emotional condition, the patient’s health, as well as the desires and expectations from the surgery.

Moreover, getting a specialized surgeon will be able to provide you with a detailed overview of what the procedure will entail, as well as give proper postoperative advice to ensure a safe and speedy recovery. A good surgeon will also set realistic expectations for the patient so as to avoid disappointment or dissatisfaction.


Before selecting a plastic surgeon for any type of plastic surgery procedure, make sure to prepare a list of requirements. Even if the surgeon is famous or featured on television, make it a point to thoroughly check the doctor’s professional experience nonetheless.

While recommendations from friends and family are a good indicator, also ensure that the surgeon specializes in the type of procedure you are looking for. Plastic surgery is a wide field that spans the entirety of the human body. Choose carefully and objectively to ensure yourself the best results possible with no regrets.


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