How do i choose the right size for breast implants?

How do i choose the right size for breast implants?

28th Jun 2017

Every single day, hundreds of women in the United States alone go under the knife for breast augmentation. Despite this fact, there are many things that patients are not aware of when considering this procedure.

There are questions related to the size and shape of the implant that can only be answered with your plastic surgeon’s assistance. You don’t have to decide on the size of the implants first before going to the clinic for the consultation. In fact, it is recommended that you consult with an open mind and ask for suggestion on the right size for you.

Each patient is unique. The anatomy of the patient must be examined carefully before putting anything into writing. Measurements are assessed to recommend the best shape and size of the implants, as well as evaluating the quality of the skin, the elasticity, the size, and consistency of the mammary gland.

Necessary measurements

Over the years, different methodologies have been put in place in an attempt to create a standard for breast enhancement procedures. The regular procedure is to determine these mandatory measurements:

The distance from the center of the collar bone to the nipple

The distance from the sternal manubrium to the nipple

The distance from the nipple to the inframammary fold

The base of the breast

The superior, lateral, median skin fold

The circumference over and under the breasts

All of these measurements are important to be considered in selecting the best suitable implants for your anatomy as the patient’s body must be proportionate to the size of the implants. Even if a patient wishes for larger implants, the surgeon must re-evaluate before he can give his recommendation to proceed. This is why both doctor and patient must have heathy communication to ensure the success of the procedure.

In the same manner, the patient must have clear goals in mind prior to meeting the surgeon. State your desires and expectations as clearly as possible to make sure that both you and your surgeon are on the same page. However, be open to the doctor’s recommendations if he will suggest a size different from the one you initially wanted. The doctor’s advice will come after a thorough examination of your body. Details and specific measurements must be taken in order to help the surgeon arrive at a recommendation on the best implant size for you.

Keep in mind that an experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in breast implants can already make suggestions prior to conducting any examinations. While measurements will still be taken, a trained eye allows the surgeon to have a good idea beforehand.

It is important to undergo an initial consultation in order to hear what the plastic surgeon will recommend for your particular case. More often than not, good results occur when the patient takes the time to talk about her expectations and desires while listening to the doctor’s advice at the same time. The surgeon should recommend the implant type, size, and shape and describe to you the operative plan. While patients should be well-informed and aware of all the details, there are still decisions that only the plastic surgeon can make.

During the consultation with the plastic surgeon, make sure to discuss all the details. Once you have the right measurements, you have the most important element that can help you choose the best implants that are suitable for your body shape and in accordance with your physical characteristics.


It is normal for a patient to feel anxious before consultation in preparation for a breast augmentation surgery. Getting all the answers to questions is a necessity, but the right size of breast implants is one of the things that need to be discussed with the plastic surgeon, and not decided before the initial consultation.

Looking at yourself in the mirror is not enough to make you decide which implant size will be most suitable for your anatomy. Also asking people who have undergone the procedure is also not enough to gauge it. The only method to help you decide on the best size is through your doctor’s recommendation after a thorough assessment of your body.


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