How do i tell my parents that i want a breast reduction surgery?

How do i tell my parents that i want a breast reduction surgery?

19th Oct 2019

How do I tell my parents that I want a breast reduction surgery?


For most women, having overly large breasts can be a real discomfort both emotionally and physically. If your breasts are too large and you are experiencing pain in your back, neck, and shoulders, or if your bras are giving you chafing, it is a sign you need breast reduction surgery. Moreover, if excessively large breasts are affecting your self-esteem, it means you need to undergo breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery has a history of effectively alleviating these problems and making life better. 

If your overly large breasts are bothering you, you are not alone. Every year, tens of thousands of women undergo breast reduction surgery to get rid of the discomforts of excessively large breasts. Even though most of the patients who undergo breast reduction are adults, the breasts can become overly large during your teenage years. So, if you are aged below 18 and have breasts that are overdeveloped, how will you tell your parents that you need breast reduction surgery? 

How to tell your parents that you need a breast reduction surgery

Teenage girls find it difficult to tell their parents or guardians that they need breast reduction surgery. Minor patients require the consent of their parents or guardians to undergo surgery. Your parents will also need to be involved in paying for the operation or help you with health insurance. 

Discussing your plan to undergo a breast reduction surgery with your parents is not easy. Plastic surgeons understand how important it is for you to be listened to and understood when talking about such a personal issue with your parents. Many patients feel awkward when discussing the topic with their parents. In this article, I will guide you as to how you can tell your parents that you want to undergo a breast reduction surgery. 

Breast reduction is a different kind of procedure

Most plastic surgeons don’t recommend cosmetic procedures for teenagers for many reasons. At the cognitive level, many teens are not in the right position to make such important decisions about their bodies. And on a physical level, most teens have bodies that are still growing and have not hit maturity yet. Surgery is not an informed decision in such situations. 

However, when it comes to breast reduction surgery, the case is different. Even though it is right that like with other areas of the female body, the breasts are not stable in terms of growth during your teen years and until you hit your 20s, the reality is that the breasts will not decrease in size between 18 and 20 years of age. As such, you may want to wait for two or three more years to prevent the risk of getting a revision breast reduction surgery. However, keep in mind that breast reduction surgery cannot complicate your development in any way. 

Challenges of large breasts and your readiness for the surgery

While breast reduction surgery can be performed on girls above 15 years, it is advised that you should wait until you are at least 18 years old to get breast reduction surgery. The reasons why this is important include the development of your breasts and for you to be emotionally prepared. 

Your breasts will continue to develop and change throughout your teen years and will complete between the age of 20 and 22 years. Waiting until your breasts have fully grown and have stopped developing can prevent you from the need of getting a second breast reduction surgery down the line. Breast reduction surgery is a significant and highly invasive procedure. As such, you need to be mentally and emotionally mature enough to cope with the trauma. While the results are positive, it is still essential to be fully ready for the surgery so that you can adapt to your new body. 

However, this does not mean that you cannot get breast reduction surgery before turning 18. Many teens experience severe symptoms like extreme pain in the back and neck due to their large breasts. This means you can still undergo surgery to remove these symptoms even before you turn 18. 

Start by talking to your physician

Many girls find it difficult to discuss their plan of getting breast reduction surgery directly with their parents. For such patients, we recommend that they should first discuss the topic with their physicians. Talking with your doctor will keep your plan confidential and private. After getting the input of your doctor, you will have enough substance to talk about your large breasts openly and why you want to undergo a breast reduction. 

A good doctor will also provide you an expert opinion on your candidacy for the surgery and whether it is safe for you. He will check your breast size and assess your symptoms before providing you feedback. You can discuss your problem with the doctor in the presence of your parents or in private. 

If you don’t want to discuss it with your doctor, you can instead talk with someone you and your parents trust like a qualified professional. It is essential to make sure that you want to get a breast reduction for medical reasons and not due to peer pressure. You should underscore the importance of the surgery for your health. Furthermore, if you don’t want to discuss it with a professional either, you can start by discussing your problems with a trusted adult like your aunt, grandma, teacher, etc. This will help you get support for your plan to undergo a breast reduction. 

Investigate the breast reduction procedure 

Your parents will not take you seriously unless you have done your research about the surgery and have enough arguments to make in your favor. Make sure to do thorough research about the operation and read up on what it involves like incisions, anesthesia, and tissue removal from the breasts. Doing so will help you present your case in an educated way and convince your parents to let you get the surgery. 

You can write down what you find during your research about breast reduction. You may feel nervous when discussing your plan with your parents. To overcome the nervousness, you can read up on how the surgery has helped other patients. Make sure to tell your parents about the health issues you are experiencing due to having large breasts like back and neck pain and shoulder grooves. If you feel pain during sports and exercises, bring it to the knowledge of your parents. 

Talking to your parents

Since you have now done your research and organized your thoughts, it is time to speak to your parents. Start the conversation by telling your parents as to how you feel about your large breasts and what medical issues the condition is creating for you. Once you do this, you can then cite the findings you made during your research and how the surgery has helped other patients with problems similar to yours. Tell your parents that your expectations and goals are realistic and you are confident that breast reduction surgery will solve your problems.  

While you can underscore your points and arguments, do listen to your parents’ opinions. Listen carefully as they discuss their concerns and do not get defensive. Instead, use your research to answer their questions and accept whenever you have no answer for any question. Your parents will not immediately allow you to undergo surgery. Instead, they need time to be mentally prepared and consider your wishes. They are concerned about your safety and happiness and need to make the right decision. You can ask your parents as to how much time they need to let decide whether you should get breast reduction surgery or not.

After you get the green light from your parents, you can ask them to accompany you to a board-certified, experienced, and trusted plastic surgeon. During the consultation session, the surgeon will use his training and experience with younger patients to help your parents make their mind up and set their expectations. The surgeon will also address their concerns and help them understand the surgery. The plastic surgeon will then examine your breasts and ask you as to what problems you are experiencing. He will also take precise measurements and explain to you what options you have to reduce the breasts. 


Breast reduction surgery is one of the most common and popular plastic surgery procedures in the US. While it enhances the cosmetic appearance of the breasts, most patients undergo the procedure for medical purposes because large breasts create physical pain, posture and mobility problems for them. 

If you are younger or aged below 18 years and want to undergo breast reduction surgery, you would need the consent of your parents or guardian to get the operation. It can be awkward and difficult for you to discuss such a private matter with your parents or guardian. In this article, I have explained as to how you can tell your parents that you want a breast reduction surgery. 

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