How does the butt feel after fat grafting?

How does the butt feel after fat grafting?

21st Sep 2019


A common concern for patients interested in undergoing plastic surgery is how the body will look and feel after the procedure. This is completely normal, and patients should have a very clear image and understanding of what results are to be expected. When it comes to the Brazilian butt lift, a very popular question we hear during the pre-operative consultation is how the butt will feel after fat grafting. 

To understand what feel of the butt is reasonable to expect, let’s take a look at the surgical plan. The plastic surgeon will start the procedure with liposuction, as soon as the patient is rendered unconscious under the effects of the general anesthesia administered. Liposuction is performed on the areas with unwanted fat deposits such as the abdominal wall, flanks, back, thighs and so on. One or multiple areas can be addressed depending on the amount of fat that is required for the transfer and the current anatomy of the patient. After the fat is collected, it goes through a centrifuge that will eliminate impurities and damaged fat cells that are unsuitable to use for the transfer. The eligible fat cells are injected into different areas of the butt at different depths using a special syringe.

The plastic surgeon will only use the patient’s own fat tissue to remodel the buttocks and add more volume. Some of the fat will be reabsorbed by the body over the next few months post-op, and some will develop a new blood network and become just like the fat that was in the buttocks prior to the procedure. 

Patients wonder about the feel of the butt after fat grafting. The short answer to this question is “natural,” and this is actually one of the reasons why this procedure is so popular and preferred by many patients wanting an increase in size or an enhancement of their rear end. Fat grafting to the butt delivers all-natural results as it only uses a substance that is already in the buttocks, which is the patient’s own fat tissue. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your buttocks will feel just like before the surgery. 

It can take up to a few months for the final results to be fully visible, and during this time, the buttocks can be swollen and bruised and seromas and hematomas can also occur. These side effects will fade in time without further treatment in a vast majority of cases. Three months down the line, your buttocks will display the final results. The feel of the buttocks will be natural, but it depends from patient to patient, so discuss this issue with the plastic surgeon for more details. 

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