How does the uniboob occur?

How does the uniboob occur?

13th Nov 2019

How does the uniboob occur?


Breast augmentation is a procedure very much in demand nowadays considering the fact that it is the only effective method that can be used to increase the size of the breasts and get results that are durable in time. However, just like any other surgical procedure, it entails risks and complications. Some of the risks can be reduced and some of the complications can be avoided when choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon who is well versed in performing this particular procedure.

The implants used to increase the size of the breasts must be carefully chosen, and only after exact measurements have been performed. Otherwise, the complications that can occur can be multiple and varied. One of the complications that can occur after is the uniboob.

The uniboob is the appearance of the breasts when there is no clear definition between the two breasts and the skin between them is not sutured to the thorax wall. The same appearance can be achieved when using a sports bra that doesn’t define and separate the breasts, so it looks like there is just one big wide breast. 

Many patients don’t understand why it is important to choose the size of the breasts carefully and how the uniboob occurs. It is important to mention that when using implants that are overly large compared to the existing mammary tissue, this complication can occur. The condition can also occur if the implants have been inserted using a wrong technique or have been positioned in an incorrect position inside the breasts. Implants should only be placed in pockets created either behind the mammary gland or the pectoral muscle or in an in-between position called the dual plane. 

The uniboob can also occur when the patient demands to see changes in terms of the distance between the breasts. A responsible plastic surgeon will tell you that the distance between the breasts won’t change considerably after surgery. It is true that the breasts will look a bit closer to each other because of the added volume, but the procedure doesn’t aim to bring the breasts together. In trying to do this, the plastic surgeon might cause the uniboob effect that is unaesthetic and actually requires revision surgery. The attempt to bring the breasts closer together with any price can lead to the occurrence of symmastia or uniboob as it is known in popular terms. The uniboob is better avoided than treated, as the condition can pose real issues even to a talented and experienced plastic surgeon.

To prevent ending up with one big boob instead of two beautiful breasts, it is important to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon and follow his advice in terms of the volume, shape, and texture of the breast implants. 


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