How expensive is plastic surgery?

How expensive is plastic surgery?

29th Feb 2020


Plastic surgery is more and more in demand nowadays as it has become more affordable and safer than ever. The cost of a plastic surgery procedure can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. There are people who have invested more than half a million dollars in their appearance while others have achieved the desired results with less than $10,000. So, how does it work and how truly expensive is plastic surgery?

The cost of plastic surgery is dependent on a number of variables such as the experience and qualifications of the plastic surgeon, the medical facility where the procedure is performed, and the complexity of the surgical plan to be followed. The cost of the materials used is also included in the price of the procedure. This means that if there is a need to use breast or butt implants, the cost of the surgery will include the price of the implants as well.

The experience of the plastic surgeon is important when resorting to plastic surgery, especially when considering a delicate or overly complex procedure. An experienced and talented board-certified plastic surgeon can help you navigate easily through the recovery process and avoid unwanted complications that can occur after any type of surgery. Keep in mind that the more experienced the plastic surgeon, the higher his fees will be. It is rarely that experienced surgeons give discounts or special offers. Plastic surgery is an art and a science at the same time, and it is completely discouraged to chase the cheapest price for your procedure.

When it comes to discussing the cost of plastic surgery, we should also mention plastic surgery abroad. Many patients interested in undergoing certain procedures are enthralled by the lower costs of plastic surgery abroad, and they imagine they can have an improvement in their appearance while also enjoying an exotic holiday abroad. This is not how it goes, unfortunately. The lower cost of plastic surgery abroad is often explained by a lack of experienced plastic surgeons and the lack of equipment of the facilities. In the United States, plastic surgery should only be performed in accredited facilities that have all the safety measurements and protocols in place so the patient can receive prompt and efficient medical help in case complications occur during the operation. 

The surgical plan to be followed also has an impact on the price. This means that things are pretty affordable if you want just an abdominal liposuction, but the costs can increase considerably for combined procedures such as an extended tummy tuck with liposuction and breast lift performed at the same time. 

Plastic surgery is just as expensive as the procedure is delicate and the plastic surgeon is experienced. However, cost should never be the main factor when choosing the plastic surgeon and the procedure. 

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