How fat is injected into the buttocks for a brazilian butt lift procedure.

How fat is injected into the buttocks for a brazilian butt lift procedure.

06th Sep 2016

With the Brazilian butt augmentation, or the hourglass butt augmentation, as I like to describe it, fat is removed from multiple areas. This fat is processed and then injected into the buttocks in multiple passes to achieve a good result.Brazilian-butt-injected-with-fatSo, how does a surgeon perform this procedure? Once the fat is processed, it is placed in syringes and then injected using a 3 mm cannula through small incisions. The fat survival is very technique-dependent. This is why fat is injected inside the muscle as well as superficially to achieve a nice result. Multiple incisions are performed because we have to reach different areas on each buttock for a good result. Typically, two incisions are required on the top of the buttock and one on the bottom part of the buttock in order to insert the cannula in different vectors and sculpt your buttock until the desirable shape is achieved. The cannula that I use measures 3 mm or less; the port at the end of the cannula needs to be small, because if you have too much fat coming through the tip of the cannula, the fat is not going to survive and the chances are that it is going to be reabsorbed.It is better to have a small tip at the end so that when the fat is injected it will create a nice figure and last for a long-term result.


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