How fat transfer and butt implants work together

How fat transfer and butt implants work together

28th Feb 2018

For women, a woman’s derriere has always played a critical role in the interpretation of physical beauty in the modern times. Nowadays, women should have prominent, shapelier, rounder, and sexier buttocks to be considered physically beautiful. This has been the norm for thousands of years for some cultures, and lately, it has been promoted even more so by some celebrities and the media.

Big and shapely buttocks are indicators of femininity and fertility in women. This is the reason why women with these physical attributes are highly preferred by men to be their mating partners. There are number of studies showing that wider hips and bigger butts in women provide visual indication of youth and fertility.

This fact contributed to the demand for a bigger, curvier, and shapelier butts. Unfortunately, not all possess naturally large, voluptuous, and contoured buttocks. Therefore, women who are endowed with smaller, flatter, poorly shaped, saggy, and/or asymmetrical butts feel insecure, embarrassed and lack of self-confidence.

Fortunately, plastic surgery has an answer to these aesthetic problems. Women who want to correct the aesthetic flaws in their buttocks, and fine-tune their bottoms to go with the trends, can go under the knife to achieve their aesthetic goals. Two of the most popular plastic surgery options to enhance the buttocks are the fat transfer procedure and buttock implants surgery.

In some cases, it is possible to combine both procedures to achieve the aesthetic goal of getting an enhanced rear. To fully understand the reasons why combining fat transfer and butt implants can be a better option, we will look at the merits and shortcomings of both procedures.

Buttock implants surgery

The buttock implant surgery is the preferred method performed on women with flatter or smaller buttocks, to increase the size of their butts. While the surgery can also help in making the buttocks shapely, the primary goal of this procedure is to add projection and fullness to the buttocks.

Buttocks implants surgery involves the use of prosthetic devices that is made of highly durable, semi-solid silicone material called implants. The silicone implants are placed inside of the buttocks through incisions in the gluteal muscles. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, and some risks and potential complications may arise.

With an implant inserted into the gluteal muscles, the buttocks will become prominent. Clothes will fit well and there will be a boost in your self-esteem. Unlike breast implants, buttock implants are highly durable, that this device is not prone to ruptures. Without any complication, these buttock implant can serve for a lifetime.

For those whose butts have lost volume or have become flat or mildly saggy because of aging, gravity, weight loss, genetics, or other factors, you may qualify for the buttock implants surgery. You need to be in a good physical and cognitive health to qualify for the surgery, and have reasonable aesthetic goals and realistic expectations, too.

Fat transfer for butt enhancement

Unlike the butt implants surgery, fat transfer method uses the body fat that is extracted from parts with excessive fat in your body to enhance your rear ends. The fat transfer procedure is recommended for people who want to restore the lost shape and volume of their buttocks. This butt augmentation procedure will only increase your butt size from a mild to moderate level.

This is called the Brazilian butt lift, and the primary goal of this fat transfer procedure is to make your booties shapely, toned, but mild to moderately augmented. This is a safer and natural way of getting an enhanced butt. It is worth mentioning here, too, that contouring and reshaping the butts is not the primary goal of buttock implants surgery but it can be achieved through this method. For one to qualify for the fat transfer procedure, there is a need to have excess fat in the body. The extra fat from other areas in the body is extracted by liposuction, then purified and injected into the butts. In the process of injecting the fat into the buttocks, your surgeon will do the sculpting so that your butts are rounder, voluptuous, and toned.

Combining fat transfer with buttock implants

Some patients have complex aesthetic goals for their butts and this can be addressed only by combing fat transfer with buttock implant surgery. This is applied in cases when patients, with flatter or smaller butts, desire to have large, shapely, voluptuous, rounder, and well-toned buttocks. Because the objective is not possible by doing an implant or fat transfer alone, the best option is to combine the fat transfer with buttock implants. This is particularly relevant if the patient has mild to moderate sagginess in the buttocks.

Combining the fat transfer and butt implant methods is very effective. Your surgeon will place the implants inside of your butts to increase its size and the fat, extracted from other fatty areas of your body, will be used to shape and tone the butt. The implants will be used to add projection and volume to the butts, while the fat transfer will make the buttocks shapelier, rounder, curvier, perkier, and sexier.

When combined, fat transfer and butt implants can deliver very powerful and impressive aesthetic outcome. However, it can only be done if there is an excess fat in other body areas for this combo procedure to be effective. Furthermore, there will be a commitment to maintain a stable weight after the surgery to retain the aesthetic results.


It is possible to combine the fat transfer and buttock implants together—seamlessly. In fact, when both methods are used in sync, it produces amazing results. The buttock implants will increase the size of your booties, making it fuller and voluminous, and the fat transfer surgery will add shape, making your butts appear toned, rounded, voluptuous, and curvier.

However, to get the best results from this combo procedure, be sure to select only a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform the surgery because by doing it, your safety will be ensured during and after the surgery.

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