How is a Thigh Lift Performed?-Dr.Hourglass-YouTube

18th Oct 2018

The thigh lift is performed to get rid of the sagging skin that usually occurs after significant weight loss. This procedure has the purpose to slim and smooth the area, improving the general aspect of the body.
The lifting at the level of the thighs consists of the ascension of the tissues on the thighs (especially the internal area) and the excess skin is removed, leaving behind a scar in the inguinal area and/or in the fold under the buttocks.
The procedure targets patients who have a considerable skin laxity in the internal area of the thighs. The procedure is performed on both men and women, and the results are better when the skin laxity is reduced.
The thigh lift is performed under general anesthesia and can be associated with the lifting of other areas (such as the buttocks) and with liposuction.
The technical method to lift the thigh usually implies liposuction and the removal of the excessive skin on the interior of the thigh.
The type of incision varies depending on the areas that are to be treated and the level of correction needed.
The incisions for the internal thigh lift are done in the inguinal area. If the patient needs a substantial excision of the skin, a longitudinal incision will be performed along the internal part of the thigh.

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