How is a tummy tuck surgery done?

18th Oct 2018

When a tummy tuck is performed, an incision is made on the lower abdomen and the excess skin and fat is removed to create a tighter and more beautiful abdomen. You need to be extremely compliant as recovery takes about 2 weeks before you can return to work. This does not necessarily mean going back to the gym for a full workout or performing strenuous physical activities right away. Within 2 weeks, you will go through a follow-up with your doctor to have the drains removed, control the swelling, and make sure there is no infection. You need to take plenty of fluids, wear a girdle, and strictly follow instructions. In about 2 weeks, your pain will be minimal and you will no longer need any pain medication. Narcotics or pain medications are a wonderful way to manage pain but can cause drowsiness, so during the first 2 weeks you are not going to be able to drive or do a lot of things outside your home. After 2 weeks, medications should be stopped. You should be able to walk straight and be able to lift at least 20 pounds.
Be prepared if you are going to have a tummy tuck. Make sure that you are able to take the amount of time off necessary for your recovery. This is a procedure that requires plenty of home rest, so you need to schedule and take enough time off for a full recovery after the surgery.

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