How is butt implant surgery performed step by step?

How is butt implant surgery performed step by step?

05th Dec 2019



Buttock implant surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. It is an elective procedure that is used to enhance the cosmetic features of the butt, which is one of the most vital aesthetic areas of the female body. The buttocks signify a female’s femininity and physical attraction. Women want to have luscious, more prominent, smooth, and sexy buttocks. Buttock implant surgery artificially enhances the buttocks. It involves the use of foreign implants to augment the buttocks.

Many women who want to get buttock implant surgery are curious as to what the procedure involves and how it is performed. Patients must do their research about the steps of the operation, which can broaden their understanding of the procedure, set their expectations, and make an informed decision. Below are the steps of the surgery, besides discussing the butt implant selection process, the recovery period, and the results of the operation. 


Buttock implant selection

Buttock implants are artificial objects that are used to augment the buttocks and come in many sizes. While it offers more extensive choices for patients to choose from, it can also be overwhelming. As such, it is recommended that you work with your plastic surgeon to select an implant size. The plastic surgeon can recommend you a suitable implant size based on the findings made during the pre-operative consultation and his experience. 

The buttock implant is selected during the consultation session. The plastic surgeon will examine your buttocks, take specific measurements, and take your overall body outline and physical features into account. He will then use the findings to recommend you an implant size that will fit into your butt dimension and go well with your body outline, height, and weight, etc. Keep in mind that the size of the implant must balance your physical features. Otherwise, the results will not be satisfactory.


Steps of buttock implant surgery

During the pre-operative consultation, the patient should ask the surgeon as to what steps are involved. The surgeon’s answer will give you a better idea of his experience and what to expect after the procedure. Below are the main steps involved in buttock implant surgery.


–    Anesthesia administration

Buttock implant surgery starts with the administration of anesthesia to the patient. The operation is performed under general anesthesia because it is highly invasive and traumatic. Ideally, a board-certified anesthesiologist must administer the anesthesia. After the general anesthesia is given to the patient, she will go to sleep. You will not feel any pain or discomforts while under the effects of general anesthesia. Also, you will not remember what happens during the surgery. The anesthesiologist will monitor your health under anesthesia throughout the operation. 


–    Making the incisions

After the anesthesia is administered, the plastic surgeon will start the operation. He will first make incisions on the buttocks. The size of the incisions depends on the size of the implants. If large butt implants are used, larger incisions will be required. Many patients wonder as to where the incisions are made on the buttocks.

In most cases, the incisions are made in the division between the two buttocks. By doing so, the resulting scars will be perfectly camouflaged. It is vital for the patient to ask the surgeon as to how long the incisions will be and where precisely they will be placed on the buttocks. 


–    Inserting and placing the implants into the buttocks

After making the required incisions on the buttocks, the plastic surgeon will insert the implants. This step has to be implemented extremely carefully so that the nerves and tissue are not severely injured or damaged. The plastic surgeon will use specialized and customized techniques to insert the implants into the buttocks. Once the implants are inside, there are three options for their placement within the buttocks: within, under, and over the buttock muscles. 

Most plastic surgeons and patients prefer to have the implants placed under or within the gluteal muscle. When the implants are placed under or within the gluteal muscle, they will get enough tissue coverage to prevent complications like capsular contracture, implant rotation, rippling and palpability, etc. On the other hand, placing the implants over the gluteal muscle increases the risks of rippling and palpability, implant rotation, and capsular contracture.

Furthermore, when the implants are placed under or within the gluteal muscle, the results will look more natural. However, setting the implants deep under the gluteal muscles increases the risk of nerve compression. It is essential to avoid putting the implants extremely deep under the butt muscle. 


–    Suturing and closing the incisions

The last step of buttock implant surgery involves suturing and closing of the incisions. During this step, the plastic surgeon will close the incisions by using layered sutures in the butt tissue. He will also use skin glues, stitches, and tape to close the incisions and dress the surgical wounds. Once the incisions are sutured and closed, the surgery will come to an end.


The recovery period

After the surgery concludes, the patient will be transferred to a recovery area where she will be left to regain consciousness and for the effects of the anesthesia to wear off. The patient’s health will be monitored for a few hours at the surgical facility. If her health remains stable, she will be allowed to go home. Your recovery will start immediately after the surgery and continue for many weeks.

The initial two weeks following the procedure are crucial to the achievement of the desired results and for the incisions to heal. After the surgery, you may experience some degree of pain in the incisions for the first 72 hours. The surgeon will give you medicine to cope with the pain. Furthermore, your buttocks will be swollen for many weeks after the procedure. 

The patient must rest in bed and avoid work and other activities and movements during the first two weeks of the recovery period. During this time, you must also avoid sitting and sleeping on your back to prevent the application of pressure to the delicate incisions. It can take at least two weeks for the incisions to heal partially.

After two weeks, you can return to work. However, you must avoid strenuous activities for six weeks after the surgery. Complete recovery takes six weeks. After six weeks, you may gradually resume your routine activities, including exercises.


Results of the surgery

If you think that the results of buttock implant surgery will become visible right after the procedure, think again because your buttocks will be traumatized and swollen for many weeks. The results will not be fully visible unless and until your buttocks have healed and the post-operative swelling has diminished. It can take many weeks or months for the swelling to disappear and the results to come to the fore. How soon the results may transpire also depends on how well and quickly you heal because the healing pattern and speed differ from one patient to another. 

When the outcomes of the surgery become prominent, your buttocks will appear bigger, sensual, sexy, smooth, and shapelier. However, you will achieve these results only when you have chosen a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform the surgery. The improvements introduced to your buttocks will also translate into an improvement of your self-esteem. After the procedure, you will feel good and confident about yourself. 


The risks

Buttock implant surgery is a major and invasive operation. And like all invasive surgeries, there are risks linked with this procedure. The patient must discuss the risks with the surgeon in advance of the procedure and get the surgery only when the benefits are higher than the risks for the patient. The risks liked with buttock implant surgery include infection, wound dehiscence and bleeding, buttock asymmetry, capsular contracture, change or loss of skin sensation, blood clotting, etc. The risks that you may be exposed to depend on your overall health. For example, if you have a weak immune system, your risk of infection will increase. 



Women with smaller buttocks and desiring to have bigger and sensuous backsides often decide to undergo buttock implant surgery, which artificially augments and enhances the buttocks. The buttocks are among the most critical aesthetic assets of women, and many women can do anything to keep their buttocks in size and shape. Buttock implant surgery is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in the US. Patients should do their research before deciding to get the procedure. In this article, I have explained the steps of buttock implant surgery. Knowing the steps can help you prepare for the operation, both mentally and physically.   


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