How is scarring after butt implant surgery?

How is scarring after butt implant surgery?

16th Jan 2020


Getting a bigger butt entails undergoing plastic surgery. The procedure is called butt augmentation and is performed with the aim of improving the volume of the buttocks and creating full shapes. It can be performed with either silicone implants or the patient’s own fat tissue. Gluteal implants are unlike breast implants and will feel like firm, toned muscles to the touch. These implants are inserted into or under the gluteal muscles, so it is normal for them to simulate the consistency of the muscles. 

Butt implant surgery is for both men and women, and we use the same gluteal implants for both sexes. The size and type of implant to be used is decided after extensive measurements and a complex physical examination, and also after the plastic surgeon understands your goals and expectations from the procedure. The aim is to give the patient larger buttocks that are more proportionate to the rest of the anatomy. 

The surgery is performed with the patient under general anesthetic and often lasts less than two hours. The length of the procedure is dependent on the complexity of each case and whether it is combined with an additional procedure or not. The plastic surgeon can recommend the combination of implants and fat transfer if the aesthetic goals of the patient demand it. 

The plastic surgeon will perform one or two incisions in the fold between the buttocks. Some surgeons prefer to have just one incision and use it to insert both implants while others will always choose two incisions, one for each implant. The placement of the incisions in the fold in between the buttocks is risky as the area is prone to bacterial proliferation and the patient needs to be very careful with the hygiene in the area after the procedure for a minimum of two weeks. However, this placement of the incisions is preferred as the scars are well hidden and difficult to notice even if the patient is wearing just lingerie or a swimsuit. 

There are cases in which the scars are located on the upper part of the buttocks, where the butt meets the lower back. This is the case if a lifting procedure is made and the skin excess from the lower back or the flanks is eliminated during the procedure as well. Scars on the lower part of the buttocks at the meeting point between the butt and the thighs occur if the patient had a thigh lift performed at the same time with the buttock augmentation with implants. What is important to know about the scarring after butt implant surgery is that it is rarely a turn off for patients interested in the procedure as the scars are often well hidden in areas where it is difficult to notice them.


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